Rex Murphy: The only thing modern universities couldn’t make worse is United Airlines’ PR team

To the profundities of campus White Privilege studies we may now add a fresh intellectual misery: a drive for social justice for the chronically left-handed. Something calling itself — I’m avoiding dominant pronominal discourse here — the Chief Justice of the New Orleans University Student Government Association, recently posted under the rubric of Right-Handed Privilege a series of guidelines. Among them was this mercy: “Don’t try to silence a left-handed person who complains about scissors hurting their hand or how uncomfortable school desks are to sit in, or the struggle of having dirty hands from writing in pencil.”

  • Ed
  • disqusW6sf

    “Institutionalized de-education.” That says it all about our “higher” educational institutions.

  • xavier

    Dude the solution is to go to specialized stores that sell stationary for left handers. There’s a fountain pen company that will even exchange its nibs free of charges for lefties.

    So stop snivelling and create a resource list doofus

    • ntt1

      all left handers have to do is rotate the blank paper 180 and they are good to go, left handed paper is a rip off

  • ntt1

    United’s PR department is very likely to be recent graduates of the progressive university system , they may not have degrees in lesbian dance theory but they will have some form of arts degree. It will include a major in Arts history .Media Studies and Communications. All degree programmes as soggy as a loaded diaper. . United’s intial responses were a perfect fit for followers of rules for radicals, they only dropped their highly offensive line of passive aggression after a tsunami of negative piublic opinion and a massive stock devaluation.
    Nobody was fired including the deluded CEO, so the problem remains the same until the next outrage.