Pope Francis Renders Unto Cesar Chavez

The Washington Post covers his attempts to sanctify illegal immigration.

The flattering headline on the Washington Post’s story this week about Pope Francis’s open-borders activism ran, “How Pope Francis is leading the Catholic Church against anti-migrant populism.” Anti-migrant populism is the Post’s latest euphemism for the opposition of ordinary people to the violation of immigration laws.

A more honest headline would have been: How Pope Francis is leading the Catholic Church against the state’s just laws. The story, of course, makes no distinction between legal and illegal immigrants. So Pope Francis is treated throughout it not as an advocate for law-breaking but as a champion of “migrants.”

  • BillyHW


    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Pope Francis can render my bacon fat,
      I remember when he was anointed.
      I was driving a company vehicle fifty mile south of town.
      Fuck! I said.
      And stopped for a smoke.
      It was a really icy highway.
      Had to regroup anyway.

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  • andycanuck

    His Holiness singled out Mexico for its anti-immigration laws too? Right? Right?