Europe sacrifices the victims to avoid fighting the executioners

A European journalist mourns the death of a continent where the victim has become the aggressor’s accomplice and a civil war is being waged by European citizens, converts to Islam.

Berlin, London, Stockholm … Just three important terror attacks which took place on European soil in the last three months.

Europe feels that the price it is paying for Islamic terrorism is tolerable and that these crimes should not divert the continent from its lazy lifestyle. We must be passive in the face of ignominy. We light candles, bury the dead, we treat a terror attack like a car accident and we publish editorials to say “they will not change our lifestyle”.

European compassion has become totally debilitating. It is reflected in the astonishment that an entire society, France, reputed to be pluralistic and free, has silently accepted the fact that 40,000 of its Jews have packed and left for Israel in the last fifteen years.

  • bargogx1

    I wouldn’t even really call it compassion. It’s more virtue signaling, a pale imitation of compassion, or a kind of counterfeit compassion. If the sheep really felt any real compassion for the victims of those terrorist attacks, they’d be talking about what needs to be done to prevent any more, instead of just weeping and moaning and chanting silly slogans about it.

    • To what end? At one point, it was pure virtue-signalling. Now, it must be fear of offending the growing masses or complete idiocy.

      • bargogx1

        It’s all about protecting the narrative.

        • The crumbling narrative.

          It’s like pretending that the Third Reich is still in the game when the Red Army is at the gates.

  • FactsWillOut

    So good of the European Jews to stick around and help fight Islam and the establishment.
    I guess they were Jews first, and Europeans second, in which case, good riddance.
    No wonder they survived for 5000+ years, they run at the first sight of trouble.
    Even the Israelis aren’t dealing with Gaza, its like they like being victims.

    • V10_Rob

      Europeans have no interest in saving Europe, only in kicking the can down the road one more day. Why should the Jews stick around, they’ve already seen that Europe will gladly throw them to the wolves if it means they can avoid confronting islam a little longer.

    • deplorabledave

      If no one else will say it, I will, Horse shit

  • Hard Little Machine

    I’m sure the fine effete liberal democratic socialists of 1922 Europe thought that, ‘well, we’ve had enough of that trench warfare tosh, this is the modern age. We can afford to be nice. Then Mussolini took over Italy. And the liberals cheered. And those silly brown shirts were fighting in the streets. And we’re still better than that. Then Hitler took over and the liberals again cheered. Then the fascists took over Portugal and the liberals cheered. Then the communists got wiped out in Spain and the liberals didn’t cheer quite so loud so they blamed the anarchists and told us we could trust Franco not to be too too terrible. Meanwhile Mussolini decided to invade Abyssinia and use chemical weapons on cattle farmers and the liberals so of worriedly cheered. Then Saarland, Rhine Valley, Alsace, Austria, Sudentenland, Czechoslovakia and the liberals still cheered. Then the Ribbentrop-Molotov treaty and the liberals were baffled. Then Poland and the liberals stopped cheering while they figured out how to renege on their treaties to come to the Poles defense. Then the ‘Sitzkreig’ through the spring of 1940 and liberals were starting to get nervous. Then the Battle of Britain and the liberals became irrelevant.