Conrad Black: Being nice gets Canada liked. But we won’t be respected until we pull our weight

Justin is sad.

On Tuesday I was speaking on the radio by telephone with my friend Evan Solomon in Ottawa (where he has been since his shabby treatment by the moronocracy that “manages” the CBC). We were speaking of the American cruise missile attack on Syria, of possible scenarios in the Middle East and in U.S.-Russian relations. Evan referred to some comments Justin Trudeau had made about Syria, which were unexceptionable, and asked me what I thought the effect of them would be. Unfortunately, I said, they will have no effect, not because there was anything wrong with what the Prime Minister said, but because Canada has no influence whatever in the world. It is unique in this condition among G7 countries, because it has a monstrously inadequate defence capability and takes no serious initiatives in the Western alliance or in international organizations.

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  • mauser 98
    • Etobicoke_Gladiator

      The most cringeworthy PM who ever breathed oxygen. He is pathetic. An asshole.

      • mauser 98

        and those are his good points

    • What a d!ck.

  • garyk2

    Your friend Evan Solomon – the CBC’s art dealer?
    Evan Solomon and Andrew Heinzman are well connected and co-authored a few “green energy” books together. Heinzman was appointed as chairman for the Green Energy panel under McGinty which eventually became the Green Energy Act in Ontario. Last time I checked, Heinzman was on the board for Tides Canada. Your “friend” is in the tank for “climate change” money launderers and should’ve never hosted “Power and Politics” without disclosure. The CBC is a state propaganda organization similar to RT. CBC=Fake news.

  • Jim ….

    It was in 2008 that the Honourable John Manley said this about Canada’s commitment to funding its military.

    “Somebody once said we can’t sit at the G8 table and every time the waiter comes with the bill excuse ourselves and go to the washroom …”

    Under the Trudeau Government what’s changed?