Angela Merkel angers German security services by turning to British spy chiefs for advice on how to handle the escalating Islamic terror threat

German Chancellor Angela Merkel had infuriated the heads of her intelligence services by turning to the UK for advice on how to combat her country’s escalating Islamic terror threat.

Respected news magazine Focus reports in its latest issue that 18 months ago she met the heads of MI5, MI6 and the director of GCHQ, the agency which was discovered to have conducted covert surveillance on Germany.

Her contacts with the British have rankled German spooks. One anonymous official said to the magazine: ‘In 12 years she has not once attended one of the weekly security briefings for her government.

  • felis gracilis

    That’s quite the picture you found there, Blazing. She seems to be trying to outbloat the original bloatface, Ted Kennedy.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Was she an East German weight lifter?

      • deplorabledave

        She was stasi.

  • bob e

    The Krauts are gonna’ re-elect her anyway.

  • Ego

    Seeing how the UK’s own policy concerning Islam is working out, Merkel could as well ask Sweden for advice.
    “I have sh*t on the carpet, how can I get rid of it?”
    I’d have thought the answer is simple:
    1. Stop ingesting what caused it.
    2. Then clean your system.

    • Watchman

      Or maybe she is just asking the British how they hide their shit-on-the-carpet problem.

      Fake news: Merkel: “Oh, I did like the way you covered up Rotherham’s child-grooming sex-gang problems for so long. Do you have any tips for us in Germany about how I can keep this sort of immigrant activity out of the news for another 15 years or longer?”

  • K1

    The British Security Forces have a …
    HUGE POLITICAL CORRECTNESS manual they go by which…
    allows them to penalize ethnic Brits who object to the leniency…
    given to immigrant CRIMES and misbehaviour