A Tale of Violence in Two Cities: Augusta and Biloxi

Maybe it’s as simple as this: Black events are more violent than white events because it’s a black thing, we just do not understand.

Even so, it is worth contrasting the two kinds of large gatherings from last weekend: one white, one black — both from the same part of the world, with similar-sized crowds, but wildly different atmospheres.

In Augusta, Georgia, 45,000 people a day witnessed The Masters going off with its usual aplomb and lack of mayhem. Though there is a nasty rumor floating around that someone accidentally stepped in the flower beds.

A few miles down the pike, more than 65,000 black people gathered in Biloxi for the annual ball of confusion called Black Spring Break. Cops and residents are calling it the worst Black Spring Break ever.

  • Spatchcocked

    John Derbyshires “the talk” made flesh……

  • SrAgri

    Great article! The article that you link at the end is even better.

    I wonder why the mainstream media is not falling over themselves to report this.

    When angry black mobs gather to riot in protest of police arresting dangerous criminals or imagined “micro-agressions”, the media falls over themselves to portray these rioters in the best possible light. I wonder why they aren’t covering this rioting.