50 shades of green

“Being unable to cause might to obey justice, men have made it just to obey might”- Blaise Pascal

“Progressive man” refuses to recognize the crimes of Islam, not because he is naive, fine-tempered or tolerant. He does it because, unconsciously or subconsciously, he has already accepted Islam as a religion of Salvation. As he once in turn accepted Stalinism, Hitlerism, Maoism and the “Khmer Rouge.”

Joseph de Maistre, French arist”ocrat of the early 19th century, argued that man cannot live without religion – not religion as such, but the tyrannical and merciless kind. He was damned and hated, they called him an antipode of progress and freedom, even a forerunner of fascism, but progressists proved him right again and again.

  • robins111

    Pretty accurate summation of the left in general.

  • letstalkcandidly

    Religion is a form of self-hatred, self-flaggelation. Mankind is riddled with guilt for imagined sins so they cling to the notion that they cannot be responsible, life is out of their control, governed by some higher being. They abandon all rational thought just to please this forever unseen, unknown entity. And even if they are required to commit the most hateful and brutal acts to keep Him pleased they will do anything to absolve themselves of personal responsibility. Then they can hope for the day they will find a reward for their faith and devotion to pure madness.

    • Jabberwokk

      Funny because that’s what put my off about atheism. An irrelevant blink in the eye of eternity destined to fail in all things. A collection of matter arranged with some bizarre way cursed with some odd delusional thirst for relevancy. Born in blood and pain to decay and fade like so much dust in the wind.

      And even in your depiction and misinformed attempt to rope all religions together you infer a moral law and an authority to dispel a notion of a moral law and an authority. You said it yourself “hateful and brutal”? what are these things you talk about? The Muslim says it is the will of Allah and not hate but love. The Buddhist says your to attached and that’s why you call it hateful and brutal. The Hindu will say it is Karma for some wrong you did in a past life. the Evolutionist says it’s just one kind of DNA executing it’s genetic strategy to replicate the most superior genes.

      And to top it all off conveniently forgetting that it was not that long ago that the most Godless regimes the world has ever known committed the most murder. No it’s not religion, or politics, or any other external factor. It’s you. it’s me. it’s us. That’s the common denominator. We’ve gone wrong and we need to get right.

      • letstalkcandidly

        I’m reading in here – but I think u are saying that I need religion to know right from wrong. “Do onto others” is not a religious text but a secular imperative. It is instinctual and natural to do right, not wrong. If religions were trying to corner the market on righteousness they sure have missed the boat. In fact, they have been there to present us with a twisted, nasty version of the self-evident truth that we are best off ourselves if we make sure the people around us are happy.

        All my life I have witnessed one evil, murderous, religious sect after another bearing down on humanity. Raised a Catholic, I was probably among the most blessed, but not by a large margin. And what especially stands out is the awful misery and brutality meted out against women by every one of them. Somehow women, the very fountain of life and posterity, are singularly targeted for misery and hatred by religions. Go figure!

        • Alain

          Just a couple of comments if I may. First what you call “Do unto others” a secular imperative but not a religious text is incorrect. It is an inaccurate translation from Judaism which is along the line of “do not do to others what you do not want done to you”. So yes indeed it is based in religion and was carried over to Christianity as “the golden rule” stated a bit differently but meaning the same.

          Secondly, when it comes to the market on righteousness as you state, no system can equal the self-righteousness of progressives and Islam. I include with progressives all those self-righteous atheists.

          • letstalkcandidly

            Because some statement can be found in a religious text does not make it “religious”. I am speaking of the concept, not the “quote”.

    • El Martyachi

      But surely there’s a downside there somewhere.

    • Clink9

      Feel better now?

  • bob e

    Very cool post with insane cartoon boss.
    Progressive theory is also accepted sub consciously.
    Can’t wait till they come eye to eye. gonna’ be lots of dead hipsters.
    50 shades of blood .. eh boss ..??