Social worker told couple that christening their son would ‘hinder’ putting him up for adoption

A council social worker told a couple christening their son would make it more difficult to put him up for adoption, a court heard.

The female Kent County Council employee told parents adoption attempts might be ‘hindered’ if the little boy, now about 15 months old, was ‘christened into the Christian faith’.

  • Shebel

    The really Sad thing is that a Social Worker would say this.
    The Sadder thing is that she is probably telling the Truth.
    The Saddest thing of All is that this mindset is prevalent in the UK.

    Christianity is best to be hidden in the CLOSET.

  • Editor

    On the upside, it might encourage his adoption into a Christian family, since his heritage is most probably Christian if his parents want to christen him. *

    *This comment is M-103 compliant.

    • Frances

      But being Christian would totally disqualify any potential adoptive parents in this social worker’s eyes – and probably in the view of Kent social services.

    • No, it isn’t!


  • tom_billesley

    They don’t say why adoption is being considered, but a social worker would recommend adoption as the care plan if the parents are UKIP members.

  • Alain

    Where are all those “caring” social workers in the cases of children in the homes of all those Muslim rapists? Just wondering how that works.

    • ontario john

      That’s Islamophobic! You are now reported to the Bill 103 Islamophobia committee.

  • ontario john

    They could have totally stopped the social worker by saying that’s homophobic, since most main line liberal churches spend most of their time ranting about homosexual sex, instead of the Gospel.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Ok then just dump him on the steps of city hall.

  • This is why social workers should be told to f— off.

    • Alain

      Except that unfortunately they have just about absolute power; at least that is the case in Canada and likely more so in the UK.

    • Tweety58

      “Are there any strange animals that i should know about here? Anything weird and futuristic, like with the body of a crab and the head of a social worker?”

      • How do we know social workers don’t hide their crab bodies with special sweaters?