Pot Legislation Launched

Adults aged 18 and older will be legally allowed to buy and cultivate a limited quantity of marijuana for personal use under a long-awaited suite of bills introduced Thursday by the federal Liberal government.

Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale and Health Minister Jane Philpott were scheduled to attend a news conference later in the day to speak to the legislation.

The new bills would, once passed, establish a “strict legal framework” for the production, sale, distribution and possession of pot, and make it a specific criminal offence to sell cannabis to a minor.

Adults over 18 would be allowed to possess up to 30 grams of dried cannabis or its equivalent in public, share up to 30 grams of dried marijuana with other adults and buy cannabis or cannabis oil from a provincially regulated retailer.

They would also be permitted to grow up to four plants per residence for personal use, as well as make legal cannabis-containing products at home.

h/t MP

  • Oracle9

    It should be interesting to see how US Customs deals with Canadians now.

    • Alain

      Don’t know about that since they now have state where it is legalised.

      • Oracle9

        At the state level, true, but that’s completely separate from the federal level. Crossing the international border is under different rules altogether.

  • Alain

    How exactly are they going to be able to ensure that only 4 plants are being grown per residence? I’ll venture a wild guess. This will require an even more bloated “law enforcement” who without a warrant can enter wherever they decide; something along the line of how they behave concerning guns. This is still government meddling and will not make anything better whether you are a user or not.

    • Observer

      The end plan is probably licensing people to have the plants since Liberals like to have as much government information (and therefore control) on people as they can possibly get.

      • Alain

        Yes, that too.

  • ontario john

    I’m sure feminist Trudeau’s interest in legislation had nothing to do with the tax windfall involved. He is only thinking of the kids. Meanwhile the Toronto Sun is reporting that a senate committee has come out with a report, that military spending in the country is at an historic low, and that it could be reaching a crisis point. Oh well, if another country invades because our military had gone down the toilet, we will be too stoned to care.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      There will be no tax windfall.

    • deplorabledave

      See Reader video

  • Shebel

    The Gov’t sees another industry that they can control by managing the Supply.
    It works for the dairy , poultry meat and egg industries
    It works for Monsanto.
    It does not work for Cap and Trade of Carbon units. (Greed kills it)
    It will NEVER work for Pot.

    It is a Hells Angel wet dream—–

  • Shebel

    This song is for you Justin.
    You have just created the new Moonshine.

    • Reader

      Just wait until all the potheads start trying to grow it in secluded parts of public parks so they can have more plants (not attributed to them) plus save on skyrocketing hydro prices.
      (88+ million views)


  • canminuteman

    So they didn’t legalize it or decriminalize it, they just created an entire new set of laws that will lead to an entire new bureacracy around it. It should be the same at lettuce. Whatever laws govern the cultivation, transport and sale of lettuce should also apply to marijuana.

  • No one asked me or people who hate marijuana what we think.

  • Reader

    Let’s face it, this is all about severe addictions; The government’s addiction to new taxes and other sources of revenues.

    It’s a lot easier for the government to force people to give them money than for them to do any work and see where they are wasting tax payer money and actually reduce government spending.

    It started more than four decades ago with government lotteries and other forms of gambling.

    Now it’s “carbon” taxes or “fees”, which is really an energy tax since we all need to use energy.

    And next is whatever they plan to do with marijuana.

    • Shebel

      That is true—Reader

      The Government is Dedicated to Addictions.

      The only way to Solve Addictions it to TAX said addictions.

      Except – We have Justin- that is—


  • Watchman

    Since there are tests that can detect whether a someone had used cannabis, what is the acceptable level of intoxication allowed under the new laws. Can you be stoned off your face and still permitted to drive on public roads or use heavy or dangerous machinery in your workplace?

  • Clausewitz

    Worked for him right up until reality reared it’s ugly head.