Police warn organized crime, including the Hells Angels, has infiltrated the medical marijuana market

Boy, am I shocked.

Organized crime groups, including the Hells Angels, have managed to obtain legal personal production licences for medical marijuana, only to turn around and illegally sell the product across the country, CBC news has learned.

Several sources described to CBC how organized crime groups have obtained personal grow licences and are using them to try to hamper police attempts to shut down their operations.

  • CodexCoder

    For years, starting in the era of the Judy LaMarsh, the governments of this country have taxed, advertised, regulated in any way possible to get people to stop smoking tobacco. And now, they are on the cusp of legalizing a product which has even greater health risk (particularly to the brain development of young people) because the youthful ministers of the cabinet think it will be okay. And this is what we get from the best and brightest.

    Should someone go to jail for smoking pot? No, and I don’t care if they smoke it in private. But if they come bagged to work from alcohol or other substances, I as an employer, after suitable testing and documentation, should be able to fire them with impunity, they should be charged if they behave irresponsibly while driving or operating equipment in public. Because Liberals all claim loudly (and obnoxiously) that we should be able to do whatever we want as long as no one else is harmed. And yet, the Liberal party constantly puts a lie to that very statement. They think guns are dangerous? This is more so because it is almost invisible and the risks to health are known and documented.

    • I suspect we will see lawsuits followed by large payouts to folks suing the government for negligence.

      • Econ 101: If something is illegal, there will be black markets.

        Try all you want. This law will not go away.

        • Clink9

          Maybe once the last baby boomer finally dies.

          • Freon was banned in the 1980’s. The Mexican black market soon filled the void.

            Getting rid of the boomers won’t stop demand for pot.

            A regulated market or a black market are your only choices.

          • Clink9

            I vote black market.

          • The regulated market here in Washington state has worked well – lots of innovative and good products, quality control, tax for the state, no crime.

        • Jabberwokk

          Murder is illegal, there will be murders.
          Theft is Illegal, there will be thievery

          If making things legal made the crime go away then why have any laws at all?

          • The Dutch call it harm reduction. Yes pot causes problems. But cops using guns to control pot users does more harm.

            Give me the tax money and the pot problems in a legal market.

            You can have gangs and police shootouts, no tax money, and you still have the pot problems.

          • Jabberwokk

            I can’t find it so I’ll look for it later but there was a BCF article a number of years ago that should tax revenue from Alcohol and cigarettes vs the expenditures on the negatives caused. It was outnumbered 10 and 7 to 1 respectively expenditure to tax revenue.

            As such I believe the argument from tax income is a weak and incorrect argument.

          • Years ago I went to Amsterdam and bought pot at a coffee shop right next to a police department.

            No shoot out.

            I came home and the local new paper had a story about a shoot out by the police where a couple of people died over pot.

            How much is a shoot out worth?

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    Will they go after the Medical Mafia for allowing a LARGE number of bonobos in Tundra Bay to get strung out on Oxycontin? Not likely. I believe it was part of some Grand Social Engineering Project to wean a particular segment of the population away from old John Barleycorn.

  • Reader

    What about the companies that include former Liberal MPP George Smitherman, or PC MPP Ernie Eves?

    • Observer

      Some time ago I came to the conclusion that Liberals were organized crime.

      • Alain

        I have myself come to the conclusion that governments as they function today are organised crime. Actually you have more freedom under other forms of organised crime in that as long as you pay “protection money” and aren’t a threat to them, they leave you be free to eat, drink and live your own life.

  • Hard Little Machine

    If it’s legal what exactly is the criminal aspect of it? Quality control? Price fixing? Those are simple things to fix.

    • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

      BC pot is exchanged for cocaine and Heroin from across the border.

      It’s currency.

      • Hard Little Machine

        So is sex, one would imagine.

        • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

          BC weed has a higher value then straight cash because of it’s quality.

          About a decade ago, BC weed that sold for $15 was selling for $40 a gram in Colorado.

  • Jabberwokk
  • Alain

    Anyone living in the Fraser Valley of BC has known this for a long time. Lots of grow-ops around here both “medical” legal and others with no shortage of criminal activity. I hold that government is responsible for it, just as it is responsible for the black market in tobacco. Over regulation and over taxation always produces a black market, and with black markets come crime.

    • lolwut? (Deplorable Hoser)

      One of them on Pender street in Vancouver finally got shut down for selling crack and Heroin along with crack pipes and needles.

      There’s another one on Pender street that has all kinds of late night activity going on with a massive biker looking guy posted on guard duty out front.

  • Clausewitz

    To all those vapidly awaiting the legalization of Mary Jane, I think back that when in competition for jobs I’ve never actually seen a stoner hired before someone else. If I was young and starting out my attitude would be “Toke up Dude”, see you in the office before the interview.

  • Maggat

    Hell’s Angels infiltrating the medical marijuana? That would appear a far lesser problem than the Federal Gov’t infiltrating the any facet of the marijuana market.