Is Dortmund attacker still on the run?

German police have admitted they have no evidence linking the sole suspect in the Borussia Dortmund football team bus bombing with the attack – but believe he has been a member of ISIS.

A 26-year-old Iraqi, identified only as Abdul Baset al-O, was arrested yesterday in connection with the attack.

Chilling ‘confession’ letters found close to the scene of Tuesday’s bombing, which injured Spanish international Marc Bartra, blamed German involvement in Syria – but made no mention of support for ISIS.

Now prosecutors have cast doubt over whether the suspect was responsible, meaning the real terrorist could still be at large.

Officials are, however, seeking to detain the man over allegations he had led a terror cell in Iraq, which aimed to ‘prepare kidnappings, abductions, extortion and killings’.

The letters warned Angela Merkel to withdraw troops from Syria, it has emerged.