Ann Coulter: Lassie, Come Home

War is like crack for presidents. It confers instant gravitas, catapulting them to respectability, bypassing all station stops. They get to make macho pronouncements on a topic where every utterance is seen as august.

On the other hand, Trump’s Syrian misadventure is immoral, violates every promise he ran on, and could sink his presidency.

  • deplorabledave

    Fact is there was no alternative to Donald Trump. We are going to have take the good with the bad.

    • Jabberwokk

      Lol she actually believed him.

      • Alain

        Actually a lot of people believed him and his contract with the American people during the election, since he was the only one not a career politician. Those same people are right to be upset and concerned that he has broken that promise and this soon.

    • mauser 98

      Hill would be WW3
      ISIS and worse flooding in

      Trump said NATO is obsolete
      thats his asking price
      Germany, others will cough up more dollars

    • Alain

      Why is it that people must accept betrayal from politicians? Harper was certainly the only alternative to the Liberals, NDP and Greens, but that does not mean that voters had to support everything he did or refused to do. It is the same with Trump. Agreed he is better than the alternative, but it does not mean one must approve of him no matter what, and so quickly breaking that promise was not good. Especially when to my knowledge he failed to attempt to explain how that was part of making America great.

      • FactsWillOut

        A “D” score is still a fail, even of the others got an F.

  • andycanuck

    Trump hit ISIS in Afghanistan today with a MOAB. Sounds like “bombing the shit outta ISIS” is being kept to me.

    • bob e

      now let the troops loose to kill every single jihadi in afganistan ..

  • bob e

    she is rather self absorbed. any leader who blows the shit out
    of a foreign country with the leader of another foreign county eating
    dinner at the table is playin’ for keeps. Everyone is freaking out about
    this missle strike. big deal. look what it has accomplished.

  • Brett_McS

    Trump’s foreign policy was never made explicit during the campaign. People interpreted what he said as they wished. It turns out that some of those wishful interpretations were wrong. Besides, blowing up Johnny Foreigner is just a bit of fun that western governments have from time to time.