Wynne’s cap and trade lacks transparency

It’s impossible to know precisely how much Premier Kathleen Wynne’s cap-and-trade scheme contributed to Wednesday’s expected six-cent per litre spike in the cost of gasoline.

What we know is that her carbon pricing plan, introduced Jan. 1, will contribute on an ongoing basis to price hikes in the cost of gasoline, which was expected to jump from an average of 115.9 cents per litre on Tuesday to 121.9 cents per litre on Wednesday in Toronto.

Simply put, there’s no free lunch.

  • The Butterfly

    Liberals want you to be poor so they can feel better about themselves.

    • mauser 98

      Liberals consider all money as theirs
      they allow you to keep some of it..
      serfs ,the unwashed not capable of handling it

  • CodexCoder

    Vote Liberal and become poorer for reasons that no reasonable person can fathom.

  • WalterBannon

    Canada really needs a civil war

  • It is opaque for a reason.

  • Jaedo Drax

    There are currently 4 remaining refineries in Ontario:

    Nanticoke Refinery, Nanticoke (Imperial Oil), 112,000 bbl/d (17,800 m3/d)
    Sarnia Refinery, Sarnia (Imperial Oil), 115,000 bbl/d (18,300 m3/d)
    Sarnia Refinery, Sarnia (Suncor Energy), 85,000 bbl/d (13,500 m3/d)
    Shell Corunna Refinery, Corunna (Shell Canada), 75,000 bbl/d (11,900 m3/d)

    As is typical each year, there is the spring changeover from winter to summer fuel. In addition, each of those will be effected by both cap and trade, and the liberal mess of an electricity system.

    Any maintenance, shutdown, or conversion from one blend to another takes time, and results in our gas prices going up for a period of time every year. Unfortunately, everyone seems to forget that this happens, even the so called journalists.

  • mauser 98
  • Gary

    You gotta love Dan McTeague . The ex Liberal MP that did NOTHING to improve the regulation where more Refineries could be built under Chretien’s reign and Martin’s term. He’s now the gas Guru that explains why the prices jump around and had recently excused away the 6 cent rise on how the Heating Fuel is phasing out and the summer auto fuel in now in high production.
    Nice one Dan…. but the gas didn’t go DOWN 6 cents in November . He doesn’t want to admit the Liberals F’d up the gas supplies to ban any new Oil refineries because if the Eco rules…..so we now have a balancing act for the US supplies while our population keeps growing .

    Liberalism is a mental disorder .