Misreading and Distorting The Campus Rape Frenzy

The New York Times’s biased review shows its inability to address the issue fairly.

After serving as a cheerleader for disgraced district attorney Mike Nifong during the Duke lacrosse case, the New York Times even more aggressively championed Barack Obama’s crusade to erode due process for college students accused of sexual assault. It was probably naïve, therefore, to expect a fair review from the Times when Stuart Taylor and I published our book on the topic, The Campus Rape Frenzy. The review, written by Times contributing opinion editor Jill Filipovic, confirms the paper’s inability to address the issue fairly. In a few hundred words, Filipovic made at least three factual errors in describing the book, and she misleads the reader regarding several crucial points.

  • Gary

    Since islamophobia was a hoax that works really well on the brain-dead liberals…..they tried the Rape-Culture hoax and now we have White -Privilege that blacks are using to excuse away their short comings.