Malala Tête

Disgraceful exploitation.

  • ontario john

    Yes, its a feminist Trudeau and muslim celebration today. The political and media elites gathered to promote our new state religion. Our first lady Sophie proudly standing in front of girls with bags over their heads. Muslim cabinet ministers giving speeches, and great photo ops with the most loved prime minister in Canadian history. Why Malala even spoke twice how great he is. And of course feminist Trudeau stated that she is the bravest new citizen. Forget about those cowardly new citizens that are Christian and escaping islamic persecution.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Because first and foremost she’s Muslim and therefore any organization that promotes another Holocaust is ok by her.

  • Like puppets, Trudeau is filled only with the hand that directs him.

    This is not to say that he is not virtue-signalling, only that he is empty, just like this gesture.

    • Observer

      Justin is not an empty dummy.

      I suspect that is Gerald Butt’s hand up his ass operating Justin’s mouth.

      • Make that a vaudville act or something.

        “Do you want some gummy bears, Justin?”

  • Waffle

    Typical fare from the Butts’ workshop. You expected different?

  • Blind Druid

    Granted – it’s a terrible crime to shoot a little Paki girl in the head just because she wants an education. I get that. But the news coverage from Ottawa with her sitting between Sophie and the Tater Tot, with him emanating that narcissistic glow of liberal self righteousness, was almost enough to make me chuck my lunch. Like many other sane people, i can’t stand the sight of him. It’s even worse when he opens his puppet mouth.
    Every day the Canadian mainstream news is the same:

    1). Muslim atrocity of the day – complete with “nothing to do with Islam”, “motive unknown” and “lone wolf attack”. Plus studious avoidance of the dead giveaway – i.e. naming the muzzy. Then —

    2). How much we adore Tater Tot. And —

    3). How much we hate Trump.

    • k1962

      …and don’t forget to mention in #1, the fear of the never occurring “backlash”.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        The backlash is real.
        But, they don’t really understand how we do it.
        We don’t kill them.
        We refuse to patronize their businesses.

        • k1962

          You are correct. I forgot about that.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Remember first that it’s always a right wing hate criminal until it isn’t.
      Then it gets pushed down the memory hole by Winston.

  • Gary

    Malala displayed the signs for the ‘Battered Muslim Syndrome’ that is the same as a Battered Spouse Syndrome.

    Just as Ontario has the ‘Battered Voter Syndrome’ to keep taking the abuse and lies in hope of a Liberal Politician that is finally telling the truth this time…… abused muslims are clinging to the hope that islam is really peaceful and THIS time is will make a nation prosperous and utopic as alleged in the quran .

    Malala won’t blame Muhamad or sharia for her abuse , she makes excuses that people don’t know the true islam and that every violent killer obeying muhammad and praise allah as they kill are NOT muslims , but criminals filled with hate.

    I don’t think muslims like it when Malala pointed out that the Quebec Mosque shooter killed because of hate……Justin and the CBC had a narrative that he was a White Christian that supported Trump. Muslims have held up this attack as proof for islamophobia and racism which they are exploiting to get islamophobia made a crime to jail people that are critical of islam .
    IF liberals are THAT stupid to allow Muslims to get the status of a RACE of people . we are $crewed because muslims won’t have any opposition to Jihad to spread sharia and work towards the caliphate.

    In 2015 , Imam Steve Rockwell told Jon Oakley that he supported, Hamas, ISIS, Boko Haram , Al Shebaab and Hezballah because they are fighting in allahs way for sharia and the global caliphate .
    But ISIS was starting to get exposed for barbarism the made Al-Qaeda sick and rejected them. Rockwell also saw how Harper made supporting Hamas a crime…so Rockwell had to go into CYA mode and started his FAKE ‘ Muslims against terrorism’ when he didn’t define terrorism because he knew Muhamad sanctioned it against the unbelievers.

    We don’t want muslims policing them self…. we want them to turn in the terrorists to OUR legal system and call the RCMP .

    • Observer

      It’s reminds me of Karla Homolka getting off with practically nothing because she was a so-called “victim” of battered wife syndrome.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        Oh, fuck!
        To this day that bitch gives me gas.
        She was more pernicious than he was.
        Here Paul, drug my sister, fuck her when she’s unconscious and then help me dispose of the body.

    • Gary

      Muslims in canada are only about 0.003% of the total on Earth. Rockwell speaks for about 2% of those Muslims in canada while a survey showed that about 20% of the muslims in canada defended the Toronto-18 terrorists and global Jihad. The good news from the survey that we were suppose to be happy about was that THEY said they wouldn’t d it them self but only supported it by their muslim brothers .