How did “populism” become such a dirty word? A left-wing journalist offers some thoughts

Spiked’s Mike Hume’s analysis converges closely with traditionalist/conservative streams of thought, especially in criticising claims that fake news determined election outcomes such as Brexit and Trump. The underlying assumption of many pundits is that the public cannot be trusted to make reasonable judgments in the face of fake news, and that a government/corporate crackdown is therefore in order. …

Hume thinks that their distaste is the driving force. As a Brit, he reflects mostly on Brexit but his analysis would apply across the channel as well. More.

  • Millie_Woods

    When you’re selling unpopulism, the only thing you can do is sling mud at the populists.

  • robins111

    When I hear the left moaning and bitching about populism I tend to snicker, when Trudeau and Obama are the quintessential populist elected twits..