France’s War to Delegitimize Israel

France has a large & violent Muslim population that must be appeased. Sacrificing Israel buys them time.

Officially, France prohibits any form of boycott against Israel. In 2015, the Court of Cassation confirmed a 2013 decision regarding the illegality of boycotts and the call for boycotts in France. Under the law, in 2013, BDS France was fined €28,000 (USD $30,000) by a local French court, after a call made in 2010 by 14 activists to boycott Israeli products in a supermarket. In addition, each of the 14 activists was fined €1,000.

However, according to a report recently released by NGO Monitor, the French government continues to fund NGOs openly hostile to Israel and to fund NGOs that support and promote boycott campaigns against Israel.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Hollande won’t be around much longer. Here’s hoping his successor sees the light or faces being left behind in the high-tech economy Israel is building.

  • ontario john

    Meanwhile here in Sunny Ways Canada, its moderate islam and feminist Trudeau day on the Canadian media. Lots of coverage of Malala getting here Canadian citizenship. Yes we had Sophie herself standing in front of girls with bags over their heads giving praises to Malala. At least she didn’t sing. And then we had all the muslim cabinet ministers give speeches, followed by a great photo op with imam Trudeau. She of course praised him for his world wide work for refugees. Yes, its all about islam and Trudeau here in Sunny Ways Canada. Praise Allah! No mention of course that it was because of her religion, that her first invitation was postponed, because of two members of or military being murdered. And we certainly wouldn’t want to mention the death of Christians by her religion during Easter week.

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  • JoKeR

    The only road to peace based upon the thinking of the French elite

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      I never tire of seeing this poster. Thanks! 🙂

    • Norman_In_New_York

      This is true for just about every country in western Europe.

  • Just what does France hope to gain from this campaign of hatred?