Forgotten French village registers first birth in half a century

A quiet rural village in central France has registered its first birth in half a century, with the happy event making national news amid concern about the desertification of certain rural areas.

Indeed, the picturesque farming village of Auge in the Creuse department, was so unused to newborns that its mayor was flummoxed as to how to have the birth added to the civil registry.

Had things gone to plan, the dearth of births in Auge would not have been broken as Axelle Brugère was born in the garden of her parents’ home in the middle of the night because they didn’t have time to rush her mother Cyrielle to the nearest maternity.

  • The Deplorable Rosenmops

    Thank goodness it isn’t a muzz baby.

  • Mike

    It may not be meaningful: the village that I live in (not in France) has very few births, because there’s a large hospital with a maternity ward in a nearby small town, and most births occur there. Only home births and “accidental” births happen locally, and so if you looked at the statistics, it would look way worse than it is, and the neighbouring small town would look highly prolific on the demographic. In reality, they’re probably about the same.