Cellphone surveillance technology being used by local police across Canada

At least six police forces across Canada are now using cellphone surveillance technology, but several of them won’t say whether they use the devices to eavesdrop on phone calls and text messages.


  • Ed

    The employees telling their bosses they “won’t say” what they’re doing.

    Normally that results in a smack down.

  • CodexCoder

    Either justify the actions by obtaining a warrant to allow this invasion of privacy, OR fire and prosecute the offenders for violating the very laws that they are entrusted to uphold.

  • Exile1981

    6 police forces admit they are breaking the law.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    Politicians don’t really give a fuck about the laws. That’s just something for us little people to sweat. Think the cops do? 8.5% in the 3rd year of the OPP’s contract says to me that piss-bugger-all will be done about political corruption.

  • Blind Druid

    Cops do exactly what they want, to get what they want, regardless of laws. They only toe the line when info they are gathering might be used as evidence in court. Same with “Mr. Big” busts and other entrapment activities.
    And, despite it being out of date by now, if you think the gun registry data was really destroyed —

  • WalterBannon

    Trudeau’s gestapo

    monitoring conservatives for Islamophobia, no doubt