A Reader Sends: A Warning from Berlin, Germany

A Warning from Berlin, Germany

Shortly after the recent Stockholm terrorist attack, I sent messages to a few friends in Canada and the USA and also to my Russian-Jewish friend, Vlad, who along with his wife and young daughter and son, has lived in Berlin for approximately the last fifteen years. I concluded my brief message with a question:

“I hope you don’t mind me asking, but what do you and your wife and close friends, Jewish and non-Jewish, think of censorship in Germany lately?”

Then I added, “A short answer would be very much appreciated if you have a few minutes.”

Accompanying my question was the following link, an informative article about censorship in Europe: Europe’s Out-of-Control Censorship

Mere hours later I received the following reply:

Dear Michael [not my real name],

To be honest I am extremely concerned both about the dangers of Muslim migration and terrorism and the political developments in Germany… It is not only about censorship on Facebook; everybody is forced to stop with free discussions and to join the mainstream which is ruled by the government and the affiliated mass media. The parliament doesn’t play any role any more and there is practically no opposition like in the socialist times. People don’t dare to say openly their opinion because they get troubles in their working places and get socially isolated if they are critical.

Any warning of uncontrolled migration is called “racism”. Muslim antisemitism is getting more and more threatening. The criminality rates in Germany increased enormously in the last two years. In every big city there are the so-called “no-go-areas” where the state doesn’t exist any more. So I am really not sure how long Jewish life would be possible here and how long we are going to stay in this country…
Very often my feeling is that we are approaching a huge disaster… Best regards! Vlad. 

I read the message and was astonished how straightforward and sobering it was for me. Since receiving it on Friday late afternoon I have read it over several times. I also shared the original with BCF who suggested this short article appear in the blog.

So, regular readers of Blazing Cat Fur and related blogs and related conservative publications will not be surprised by Vlad’s answer.

However, it is worth keeping in mind that Vlad is of Russian-Jewish origin and was raised and educated in Russia (the Soviet Union), is fluent in Russian, German, and English (and increasingly Hebrew, too), and is a prominent member of the German arts and entertainment industry as well as an academic and lecturer. Furthermore, he resides in Berlin and frequently travels throughout Germany and other European countries, as well as Israel and the USA. Consequently, he is in a unique position to have an excellent insight into political circumstances in Germany, especially as pertaining to Muslim migration and terrorism . [Other biographical details not revealed so as to protect his identity.]

How refreshing to read his reply, especially considering the hysteria of the Left in Europe and Canada and the USA! He certainly tells it like it is and I applaud him for that. I am uncertain if he communicates his real thoughts about German political developments to any but his family and friends, and based on his views would imagine he needs to be rather guarded.

So, in conclusion, one can summarize Vlad’s views as follows:

1. Muslim migration and terrorism is dangerous in Germany, as are recent political developments there under Merkel, i.e. censorship in many forms.

2. There is major pressure in German society to conform to a viewpoint re: Islam and Muslim migration consistent with that of the government.

3. Consequently, free discussion and a variety of viewpoints is stifled and strongly discouraged, especially since it goes against the mainstream narrative pushed by Merkel (and many other European leaders and the EU) and the mainstream media in Germany functions as a de facto mouthpiece for the government narrative. (Sounds something like our CBC and mainstream media, right?)

4. Speaking out against this narrative can result in numerous problems in the workplace, and social isolation more broadly in “polite society”.

5. To be critical of uncontrolled migration is to be considered a “racist”.

6. Muslim anti-Semitism is getting more and more threatening and Vlad believes Jewish life in Germany might not be able to continue in any real form in the next decade.

7. Crime rates are closely related to the waves of uncontrolled migration, and coupled with multiple no-go zones in German cities and suburbs, the German state has ceased to exist altogether in numerous Muslim-majority residential areas.

8. Vlad is uncertain how long he and his wife and children will remain in Germany.

9. I’ll let Vlad’s last sentence speak for itself: Very often my feeling is that we are approaching a huge disaster.

Note: A detailed follow-up message to me the next day suggested they’re now considering moving to either Israel or the USA.

This message would make an excellent follow-up article to this one. Please let me know in the comments following this article if this might interest any readers. I look forward to any feedback or suggestions.

Finally, I would like to thank BCF and assistants at this website for the excellent and entertaining articles here, especially in these precarious days following the adoption of M-103 in Canada. As well, a very happy Easter and Passover to all Christian and Jewish readers.