Vladimir Putin says he expects ‘fake’ gas attacks in Damascus to justify further US strikes on Syria

Syrian rebels are plotting to mount a poison gas attack in Damascus and blame it on Bashar al-Assad’s government to provide a pretext for further US missile strikes and possible regime change, Vladimir Putin has claimed.

Speaking in Moscow at a joint press conference with Sergio Mattarella, the Italian president, Mr Putin claimed that “a number” of sources had told him about such plans.

  • Clink9

    Like these two guys aren’t talking to each other every few days.

    “Ha! Did you see what I got them say today!”

  • H

    It seems reasonable to expect that they’ll try: it would harm Assad directly and generally increase the chaos in the region – which works to their advantage. And, of course, they’re probably salivating at the prospect of a Russia-US confrontation. So they will presumably like to try; whether they can pull off such an attack and fool the US is another question, though.

  • mauser 98

    did Assad conventional bomb hit ISIS gas storage?

    ‘ISIS Used Chemical Arms at Least 52 Times in Syria and Iraq, Report Says’

  • canminuteman

    A perfectly reasonable assumption.