Trudeau and Trump will get along fine… until talk turns to refugees

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has so far got it right on Donald Trump every step of the way. The question now, as the PM voices approval for the wagons circling around Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, is how far it goes.

Sooner than later there will be a time when Trudeau’s pressed to go along with Trump in a way that pulls him away from his progressive philosophy. That’s where the relationship will strain and Trudeau will find himself – either by his choice or Trump’s – on the outside looking in.

  • Ed

    Trudea’s not worried… the gals on The View always have his back.

  • Spatchcocked

    The beaver hat? The rainbow flag? The lavender shirt ? The big inclusive happy face smile ?

    One is convinced he sparked one up before this special day….

  • Gary

    Canada is crewed because we have so many radical muslims that we can’ t be part of any war that kills muslims.
    It was about 20 years ago I told a co-worker that Multiculturalism is fine as long as canada doesn’t go to war with a nation that has it’s people in canada.
    The Toronto 18 wanted to kill us because Chretien had troops in Afghanistan , the 2 2014 muslim terrorists supported ISIS , and now we have hard core islamofascist syrian refugees and illegals that will kill us if we get into the syrian conflict .

    People are now coming to canada for our Passport and FREE Health care , they don’t want to be canadians.
    The head of the BLM terrorists is a female from kenya that was a refugee and now wants to Torch Toronto and cause race-war more than Obama wanted to.

    • jt

      I think BLM is a far bigger threat to Canada then radical muslims for now when they make statements like the pm is a terrorist this is a group that wants any reason to burn the country down.

      • They will all have senate appointments soon.

      • Gary

        The head of BLM TO is a refugee from Kenya that lived off the White man since she got here.
        She’s the one in a fraud case where the UofT Students Board funneled her over $200,000.00 for NO actual work.
        She hates canada but won’t go live in a Black African hell-hole .

  • ontario john

    Feminist Trudeau is a self absorbed, spoiled, useless piece of shit. He is on his way back from Vimy and Juno, with his wife and kid while opposition leaders are still fuming at not being invited. Because as we all know, only Liberal Party supporters fought at Vimy and Juno. Besides, they would have distracted the media from worshiping him.

    • So long as Sophie sang a song it’s all good.

    • marty_p

      I am waiting for Turdeau to rush to the Korean DMZ for a selfie before any hostilities.

  • Get along? Hardly.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      I think Trump was just patting him on the head when they met a few weeks ago.