Swedish mail firm halts deliveries to suburb within notorious migrant ghetto ‘no-go zone’ because it is too dangerous

This is your mail. In Sweden.

A Swedish mail company has halted deliveries in a suburb close to a notorious ‘no-go zone’ because it is now considered too dangerous for their staff.

PostNord is said to have stopped the deliveries in the Rinkeby borough of Stockholm – an area of Sweden which has been plagued with riots in the past.

According to nyheter24, people living in certain areas of Hjulsta, in Rinkeby, will now have to pick up their post between the hours of 7am and 10am.

  • Scaramouche

    Bruce Bawer sheds light on “Swedish conditions”:

    • jayme

      Whatever it is, Sweden is a fascinating case. Though seemingly unique in the *severity* of the insanity afflicting its society relative to other nations (including Canada) it is on the same continuum as those other countries. We could all conceivably decay into Sweden – and that is a frightening thought.

  • Gary

    There are zones in Toronto where you get order a Pizza to be delivered because to robberies and the guns .
    but we can’t say which group lives in those areas.

    • Editor

      C’mon, help us out here. Amish? Mennonites? Japanese? The 10 people we took in from Wallis and Futuna?

  • Hard Little Machine

    Let’s hope the courts force them to do it even after a few of them are burned alive

  • Jay Currie

    It has to get worse, much worse, before it will get any better.

  • Arm Swedish postmen.

  • Rich2741

    I’m very well aware of the evil end-game of Muslims (to murder all non-Muslims), but the picture that is being shown (a fire) has nothing to do with Rinkeby or Hjulsta. The picture in question is from a small back courtyard at a Clarion Hotel in Wisby, which is across the Baltic Sea in Gotland (122 miles to the south). The EXACT coordinates of the picture are at 57°38’17.91″N 18°17’28.45″E