Lunatic sexual mutilation fetishists assault Pro-family group at George Washington U

Some students at George Washington University were none too happy when volunteers from TFP Student Action (part of the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property) showed up at the campus “Trustee’s Gate” and presented a banner which read “God created them male & female. (Gen. 5:2) Stop the ravages of transgender ideology.”

According to a report from the TFP Student Action news website, once students got to the banner they asked for one of the fliers the TFP group had.

That’s when the “fun” began.

  • xavier

    Hmm interesting that it’s TFP. It’seems a big if fringgy group in Brazil. It’seems an ultra Catholic group that Benedict kept an eye on either as Prefect or as pope.
    Still the truth hurts. Men who want to cut themselves up strike me as mentally unbalanced and need help and compassion.

    • They need help.

      • xavier

        Unfortunately the trans sexualists will be enabled and affirmed in their okness

        • Exile1981

          Self mutilation wether in the name of trans-sexual perversion or phantom limb syndrom is equally destructive. What ever happened to do no harm?