German-Muslim Author Faces Death Threats After Publishing Book Critical of Islam

With her book The Veiled Threat dealing with the plight of Muslim women in Europe, former radical feminist Zana Ramadani has kicked the Islamist hornets’ nest in Germany. Being born a Muslim herself, Ramadani is fearful of her life after receiving countless death threats from radical Muslims in Germany. German authorities have not granted her police protection yet.

  • Exile1981

    Of course the police don’t want to protect her. They know her and her detail will all be living on borrowd time in islamic germany.

  • Martin B

    No police protection? Sounds like it’s more convenient for German authorities if troublesome critics of Islam meet an untimely end.

    • bargogx1

      If anything happens to her, expect lots of victim blaming from the Left and their lapdogs.

  • Kelly Reilly

    as far as I am concerned…she is TURNCOAT MUSLIM…NOT A PROUD GERMAN…..her name says it all…

    I dont care where she was born…I dont care about her paperwork….stop insulting Germans with this turncoat brown piece of crap….

    HER PEOPLE have brought this sickness in…WE ALL KNOW IT IS A MENTAL ILLNESS….

    Europe has been fighting these inbreds for centuries….as have Americans….we were fighting Islam BEFORE Washington was President…

    I hope they chop her head off…..spawns of evil….even if she is a Bendict Arnold in a hajib….

    • David Murrell

      Good pro-jihaddist post, KR. At least this BCF site allows different points of view, including your pro-Islamist drivel.

      • Haremesc

        problem with language comprehension? I hate ALL MUSLIMS….I dont care if they are ex Muslims or Muslims driving trucks into crowds…..they are skilled at lies and deseption…I trust NONE OF THEM….moron..

  • bargogx1

    Good for her for calling out the feminist hypocrites and the true motives of the hijab wearers.

  • Barrington Minge

    Good for her. The more people who expose mooslims for what they are should be applauded.