Swedish Police Chief Shut Down By Interior Minister After Call to Deport Terror Suspects

Citing “freedom of speech” and the possibility that expelled migrants risk “persecution” if sent back to their homelands, Sweden’s Justice Minister rejected Erik Nord’s call to deport Islamic State-supporting migrants and demanded the police chief “explain himself”.

  • Martin B

    And any hopes that Sweden would jump off the suicide train at the last moment are dashed.

  • John Boy

    If you deport them they will just cross the border again or go to another western country to commit more mayhem.

    If you jail them it will cost you a fortune.

    If you execute them, they see that as death at the hands of the Infidels, as their ticket to their “Heaven”.

    The only option I can see out of that, is to bury them alive in pits full of bacon fat until they suffocate. No Islamic honour in that!

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Have women shoot them so that they go to hell. It won’t take many such executions before they get the message.

  • Blacksmith

    Yeah, your own are being killed by these invaders, but don’t send them back because they might be persecuted in the shit hole they built for themselves….

  • Editor

    Two days ago, Prime Minister Löfven seemed to have his first rational idea ever regarding Sweden’s immigration policy but today, Greater Gothenburg Police Chief Erik Nord has to “explain himself” for proposing a rational solution to some of their problems. This seems to be a very nuanced approach to this conundrum; you can propose limiting immigration of violent third world thugs but you can’t propose deporting any of them. Sweden . . .

  • Jabberwokk

    Explain himself? He tried to….