Federal Liberals threaten to repeat Ontario Liberals’ corporate welfare

Every politician wants to talk about infrastructure and be seen as a civic-minded future-builder. The insidious genius of the Ontario Liberals was to put that noble public urge at the service of private greed.

And now it seems the federal Liberals’ have the same thoughts.

The Trudeau Liberals are proposing to create an Infrastructure Bank that would use private equity financing for projects — financing expected to be four times more costly than public bonds.

  • Gary

    Any time a Politicians announces that they are going to set up a fund, you know that 80% of the many will go to $35.00 an hour Union member in Government jobs.

    I inspired a young person to go back to the 1960’s method of community aid. I detailed how close to 95% of local donation to Church based support groups went to the people with needs.
    Instead of Welfare where public Unions eat-up over 80% of the money before it gets to the end-users ….we need Uber-Fare with Volunteers to run a $10.00 a month website that posts a valid person in need for short term help with food or clothes to get a job.
    Funding stays under $1000.00 and can be donated to by an App for small amounts where a Tote Board can show if the goal is met. Nobody gets rich from this and the needy will be screened locally and supported locally.
    Keeping it on a micro scale avoids a big Accounting issue and hacking Theft of the money.

    My area during the 1960’s knew who the poor people were and made sure they had Food baskets during special times a year as well as clothes for the kids. The baskets were done in private and only a few people knew which people got them so nobody was shamed by the neighbours.
    We can’t afford the public Unions that want a Gold-plated pension and more time off plus Holidays and benefits. David Miller let it slip one day in a News clip when he said that the Budget for staff alone if over 80% of the Departments operational expenses from salaries and benefits.
    What Miller said was that .80 of every tax dollar goes to the Government Industrial Complex for employees and just .20 goes to the actual need , on average.
    CUPE outside employees do labour jobs….but 80% of the cost to sweep the street is salary and benefits .

    The Clinton Foundation had over 90% of the money going for Operational Costs. So when Hillary boasts about the million$ given for Children’s causes , that’s only 1/10th of what people donated .

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      The government crowded out service clubs like Kiwanis and Rotary Club.
      When my kids were little I used to take them to a small park north of Saskatchewan Avenue that was built by Kiwanis.
      It was nice and you could tell back in the day it must have been popular.
      Whenever we went we were the only ones there.

      • Gary

        I worked for a Children’s charity that aided the disabled to shuttle them around Toronto to events . This was back around 1977-83 .
        We had these quasi Monte Carlo nights and a few Special tickets could win you $500.00 which was good because a Mortgage for a $28,000.00 house was about $180.00 a month.

        Local youth helped out and the winnings stayed locally . But Ontario got into the Lottery Business with their weekly $100,000.00 prize and just kept getting bigger with more Lotteries which sucked the Money out of every neighbourhood into the General Revenues which was used to buy Election and fund Social service .

        Our system had better Odds because the Hall would have over 500 people or more with no outside competition . But then came the Scratch-n-win games that offered big cash but the pay-out was a fraction of what the Government took in as opposed to our system where almost all the revenues were pay out in cash prizes .

        I don’t trust the OLG because it’s a Business with huge salaries and nepotism while their ads show how some money goes to goods causes. The people touching the money skim off their $30.00+ an hour Union wage Plus benefits while our jobs were volunteer with a small amount for travel costs to get to the job.

        The United way is now a Business and Political where Liberal friends get appointed as the head for about $250,000.00 a year .
        The Government killed our Charity and push these kids on Welfare and for the Social workers making over $50,000.00 a year with a gold-plated pension.

        In the 1960’s my area had volunteers that worked with Churches and retired people to find the needy and get them food and clothes for the children . We kids would cut the grass and shove snow for the Seniors and run to the store for them in bad weather.
        Today there are City CUPE member that shovel the snow for seniors while $25.00 an hour Social workers do the shopping for seniors and refugees ( which is see in m area) .
        Toronto’s debt is heading toward $6 billion and yet Mayor Tory told the World that it’s now a Sanctuary City if you can get to Canada illegally where you will receiver FREE Health care and Welfare.

        With 7,000,000,000 non-canadians outside Canada , it’s not our job to rescue them just to feel good when they will bankrupt Toronto and canada on top of the crime issues for the criminals pouring in.

      • Gary

        In 1977 we found out that a Lottario Ticket agent that worked 1 day a week to deliver the packages of Ticket and be a go-between at times… was making $48,000.00 a year. Then we found out that one of the Agents was the Wife of a MPP Politicians .
        In 1977 , I was looking at a nice 1 bedroom Condo in a new building that was almost complete which came with a parking space …..it started at $38,000.00 for ground level units and $1000.00 per floor away from the road noise.
        I could never imagine my girlfriend doing that Lottery Ticket job with a max 2 days week for $48,000.00 a year . I had to drive a Honda Civic that was $3500.00 .
        There is far too much money passing through the OLG for there NOT to be corruption and theft just like the LCBO .
        The small time Charity I was at even had the odd new volunteer that tried to skim-off some of the money when we dealt with cash for some Games that didn’t have tickets to balance the funds.
        Imagine workers in the OLG with debts or dreams of a bigger house or new cottage. Even the Companies that make the Scratch-n-win tickets KNOW the Winners before the machine puts the gray paste goes on. McDonald’s got burned on the Monopoly game when an inside worker stole the Million dollar Stub that never made it to the stores. The printers saw the ticket and someone grabbed it….. they gave it to a close friend to cash in the split. But the 6 degrees of separation prior to the pay-out finally linked the employee at a printing company to the winner.
        McDonald’s had no choice but to flood the stores with new winning stubs for Food items to make it fair because 1000’s of people needed that Stub to win and you couldn’t split the million among them .

  • None of this should be a mystery.

    People voted for it.

    Budgets don’t balance themselves.

  • jt

    Ottawa wants and needs a truck tunnel under the downtown core but since the idea of the Infrastructure Bank came up that now has turned into a car/truck tunnel which would cost $3 billion to build and there likely would be a fee someone said $5 each way.

  • PaxCan

    Anyone guesses on how much of that money will be redirected to the Trudeau Foundation via donations by those private equity firms?

  • WalterBannon

    more criminal behavior by the liberals

    counting down the years till retirement and my escape from this country

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    I could be wrong but I believe the Moray bridge in Winnipeg was built under such an arrangement.
    The government leases the bridge and the private contractor maintains it.
    It’s very well maintained.