Egypt’s Palm Sunday massacre is an attack on Christianity

Devout Muslims did this. Islam teaches them to hate Christians.

“…Today a spokesman for the Egyptian ministry of foreign affairs tweeted that the Palm Sunday massacres were ‘another obnoxious but failed attempts against all Egyptians’. Really? It looks to me like an attack on Christians simply because they are Christians. It would be equally fatuous to claim that Boko Haram’s unrelenting slaughter of Christians is directed ‘against all Nigerians’.

  • FactsWillOut

    The most salient difference between Muslims and other adherents to a depraved and sick ideology is that when other adherents of depraved and sick ideologies commit an atrocity, they don’t have a vocal gang of supporters pointing to a follower of said ideology who is innocent of any crime and saying “Not all NAZIs!!”, for example.

  • BillyHW

    Pope Faggot is going to be visiting Egypt soon to tell the Christians there that Islam means peace.

    • FactsWillOut


  • Alain

    Of course it is an attack on Christianity. That is what Islam preaches and demands: attack all other beliefs and their followers be it Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, or whatever. They are all considered non-believers who must either convert to Islam or be put to death. By the way just a reminder to all atheists, you are also included. No other religion today demands this, only Islam.

    • FactsWillOut

      I wish someone would revive the old Aztec religions, worshiping Quetzalcoatl, etc.
      Then we could have people saying “But it’s only the priests who tear the still-beating hearts out of sacrifices to our god, and it’s only one person 4 times a year, maybe 1-2 more if there’s a drought. You can’t blame an entire religion over a couple of priests, dontcha know”

      At this point, what have we got to lose?

  • Exile1981

    Islam has been attacking Christianity for 1400 years. It’s just that in the last 50 years we’ve allowed the progressives to rewrite history to make it somehow our fault.

  • Gary

    But the Quebec city mosque attack was worse because muslims died from
    a hate-crime while this laughter is haram .

  • Jabberwokk

    Christianity has a death wish. They want to die. These will be celebrated as martyrs quietly across Christendom and it will be portrayed as somehow good and that the rest of us ought to be grateful we did not have to face this ‘test’ of our ‘faith’. Most Christians have already surrendered to the idea that things will get worse so we should all just take it till Jesus fixes it. Except he made us to do that i thought. so then why aren’t we?