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“Peace partners”: Palestinian Authority defies US, will raise payments to suicide bombers families

The fallacy and the fantasy of the ‘peace process’ fiction writers and the two-staters continue to explode in the face of reality and the religious motive behind the jihad against the Jews.

Kushner and the Democrats in the Trump administration cannot deny reality. Because it is the Jewish people and the Jewish state that suffers the consequences of leftists who deny reality.

Sweden: Muslims Laugh and Give Thumbs-up After Jihad Attack in Stockholm

ee, how they are? At least one of them came forward to confirm it in English.

Erdogan Kawaii Desu claims to be a “Turkish Justice and Development Party Youth Wing Amsterdam employee”. He is thrilled over the attack on the pacifist Swedes and makes no effort to hide it. He got 172 likes for his post about ‘muslim brothers celebrating attacks in your streets’.

Almost 800 straight-A British students are being denied a place at medical school despite a ‘crippling’ national shortage of medics that has forced the NHS to recruit 6,000 foreign doctors

Hundreds of straight-A British students are being denied the chance to train as doctors in the UK despite a ‘crippling’ national shortage of medics in the NHS.

Top-performing teenagers are being shunned by leading universities while the NHS continues to recruit thousands of foreign doctors to plug a staffing crisis.

Official figures reveal that 770 students with three grade As or higher at A-level were rejected by medical schools last year due to a controversial Government quota system.

Heresies or Inexplicable Collective Behaviour

As we watch the so-called migration crisis, we pose to ourselves questions. What’s the sense, what’s the purpose? We are told we need workforce, yet there are millions of unemployed young Europeans; we are told we are paying for the sins of the yesteryear of colonialism, yet drawing people from the third world, we strip the countries of origin of brains and hands i.e. act as colonialists. We are told these are refugees, yet we must get down to work to integrate them as if refugees by definition were not people who plan on returning to their war-torn countries after the conflict is over. We are told the third-world immigrants are enriching us, yet we observe street riots, crime rate increase, reinforced police units in our streets and a number of East European countries defending themselves from being blessed with this enrichment. We are told the newcomers will integrate, yet we see separate city boroughs, no-go zones, oriental attire on the increase and parallel societies. We are told diversity is our strength, and yet we receive news now and again about ethnic, racial and religious conflicts from regions around the globe which are immersed in diversity. We are told this, we are told that, but none of the advanced arguments add up, and we instinctively feel an approaching disaster. What is really going on? If it is not economy, aid, enrichment, neo-colonialism, then what is it? Why all of a sudden this influx of aliens, why all of a sudden this readiness to accommodate them? Africa or Asia (as any other continent) have been ravaged by wars for centuries, and yet Europe has never ever before experienced the human flood therefrom. What’s going on?

Islamic primary school in Birmingham which Ofsted fears could “radicalise” pupils is owned by man accused of funding terror groups

An under-fire Islamic primary school is owned by a man who was accused of funding Libyan terror groups, it has emerged.

Ofsted inspectors found that Birmingham Muslim School has a “weak culture of safeguarding” and staff are not alert to “risks of pupils being radicalised”.

And inspectors also raised that there was a “lack of clarity” over who runs the fee-paying school in Small Heath, Birmingham.

The school teaches pupils between the ages of four and 11.

Evidence suggests Obama administration knew Syria cheated on WMD deal

There has been confirmation from UN investigators that the gas used to kill dozens of Syrian civilians in Idib province last week was sarin – a weapon that President Obama and his administration assured us did not exist in Syria’s arsenal following the deal with the Russians that supposedly removed “100%” of Syria’s chemical stockpiles.

Was the naive Obama fooled by President Putin and Bashar Assad? Or was the Obama administration fully aware that their boasts that claimed Syria had no chemical weapons a lie?

Evidence suggests it was the latter.

h/t Marvin

Robert Spencer: The Huffington Post Covers for Muhammad

The Huffington Post must be getting nervous that too many people are discovering the truth about what Islamic texts really say. Thus they have given three Islamic apologists space to explain that the hadith in which Muhammad is depicted as prophesying that Muslims will bring on the end times by killing Jews wholesale is really quite benign and nothing to worry about at all.

The immediate cause for this exercise in damage control, say Nazir Khan, Omar Suleiman, and Justin Parrott in the HuffPo, is that “a Jordanian cleric visiting Canada recently misleadingly cited a hadith without context or explanation.” (A hadith is an account of a statement or action of Muhammad that, if deemed authentic, is considered normative for Islamic law.) The learned explainers don’t bother to elucidate for their hapless Huffington Post marks how it came to be that this Jordanian cleric would suddenly forget the context or explanation for this incendiary hadith, but they do note that “this is not the first time that this text has been used to foment anti-Semitic sentiment within the Muslim community.”

Thousands at Stockholm ‘Lovefest’ vigil against terror

Under sunny spring skies, crowds thronged the Sergels Torg plaza, a stone’s throw from where a stolen truck mowed down strolling shoppers before slamming into the facade of the bustling Åhlens department store on Friday afternoon.

A carpet of flowers, candles and stuffed toys left by mourning Swedes decorated the steps to the plaza.

“I think it’s very important to stay strong together against anything that wants to change our society, which is based on democracy,” said Marianne, who gave only her first name and came with her elderly mother.

“We talk, we don’t fight,” she said.

Scientists Warn of Climate Apocalypse: CO2 Emissions Will Send Earth Back to ‘Triassic Period’

If fossil fuel use continues unabated, the researchers predict, the concentration of carbon dioxide will reach 2,000 ppm by about 2250. By the year 2400, the earth could reach temperatures not seen for more than 400 million years, they said.

“So not only will the resultant climate change be faster than anything the Earth has seen for millions of years, the climate that will exist is likely to have no natural counterpart, as far as we can tell, in at least the last 420 million years,” said geochemist Gavin Foster from the University of Southampton in the UK.

Anti-racism protesters segregated themselves by race

“For white accomplices: Please keep in mind that your role at this protest, aside from acting in solidarity with POC students at the 5Cs, particularly Black students, is to serve as a buffer between students of color and the police,” the page states. “That means, if the police come, it is imperative that you stay at the protest with fellow accomplices and engage with cops should it come to that.”


  • mauser 98

    …A Safe Zone in Southern Syria

    ‘Should the Trump administration ask Jordan to deploy troops to Syria,
    the kingdom would be loath to say no given Washington’s ongoing
    Amman received more than $1.6 billion in U.S. military and economic
    assistance last year, and it has been pressing Washington to double the
    baseline commitment from $1 billion to $2 billion in 2018’

  • PaulW

    “We talk; we don’t fight” said Swedish dhimmi Marianne, carrying lots of flowers. Good idea, just keep talking – it’ll make the dying easier.

  • jayme

    So the whites are still useful as a buffer between the police and the blacks in BLM; essentially they’re cannon fodder. Maybe their superiors will let them clean their shoes afterwards, if the whites behave themselves. Self degradation and abasement is very attractive to some people, apparently.

  • Spatchcocked

    John Galt referred to Justine as “Trudy”….best thing so far today. Henceforth that androgynous moronic self referential third rate hippy pot head pretty boy shall be known as Trudy!!!

    Trudy today Trudy tomorrow Trudy forever !

  • bargogx1

    So now we know how an artificial “skills shortage” is created. It’s getting harder and harder to think the whole thing is not deliberate.

  • Ontario John

    I hope everyone saw the big picture of Prince Trudeau at the Vimy ceremonies, in the Toronto Star this morning. He is so wonderful!! I’m glad that the media realize that the ceremonies were about him. Today he continues his selfie tour with his adoring media in tow, to Juno beach. I’m sure no one will bring up the topic that he has froze any additional funding for new equipment for the Armed Forces, Or that nasty story today by Christie Blatchford at the National Post, that he is starving the reserve regiments that fought at Vimy for resources and recruits. He is so wonderful!

  • Blacksmith

    “I think it’s very important to stay strong together against anything
    that wants to change our society, which is based on democracy,”

    Well since you have turned all your menfolk into cucks I guess it will be you that has to dust off the war axes and swords to defend yourselves, didn’t that work out well?

    • Waffle

      Yet another selfie for the Trudeau scrap book. (Yawn)

  • Heresies or Inexplicable Collective Behaviour – this is an article worth reading. The idea that the current PC welcome-the-migrants madness is a collective ‘heresy’ type phenomenon is an interesting spin.

    • Waffle

      No its not. It’s a juvenile essay, poorly written, really bad history and a complete and utter waste of time.

      • It’s the spin that counts – the analogy to a mass movement like in the historical heresies. When the people lose direction they may easily be herded in certain ideological directions by capable herders. In this day and age, the leftists of various colors are doing a good job herding most people in the West into acceptance of mass immigration from mostly Muslim countries. People imagine they will be spiritually ‘saved’ by this generous act. That’s the image to retain – the implicit irrational fanaticism.

  • Art Deco

    we are told we are paying for the sins of the yesteryear of colonialism,
    yet drawing people from the third world, we strip the countries of
    origin of brains and hands i.e. act as colonialists.

    The only parts of the Near East, North Africa, and Central Asia which were ever colonized were the Maghreb and a small knock of the Levant consisting of the coastal plain between Gaza and Haifa and the Valley of Jezreel. The pieds noirs have long since departed Algeria (leaving their property behind) and the Arabs descended from quondam residents of the Ottoman Sanjaks of Acre, Balqa, and Jerusalem (many on a never-ending UNRWA dole) are suffering largely self-inflicted injuries.

    Egypt, the Sudan, the Levant, Mesopotamia, and some of the Arabian coastal territories were dependencies of Britain and France for periods ranging from 14 years (Iraq) to 93 years (Aden). How did British or French rule compare with that of the local grandees or with that of the politicians and soldiers who succeeded the British and French officialdom? For what are we apologizing? Hurting the pride of the velociraptors who would have been running these loci in our absence?

  • Art Deco

    The 9/11 atrocity was perpetrated by a claque of Egyptians and Saudis run out of an operation headquartered in Afghanistan. Neither Afghanistan nor any component of Saudi Arabia were ever dependencies of any European power. Egypt was under British supervision from 1881 to 1922. Exactly why was that salient in New York in 2001?