The story of Canada at Vimy Ridge and the high price we paid

A visit to the Canadian National Vimy Memorial in northern France (a trip every Canadian should make if they can), often starts in the tunnels at the foot of the ridge.

It was in these low, cramped underground passageways that many Canadian soldiers waited to attack the German fortifications early on Easter Monday of 1917.

At exactly 5:30 a.m., scores of artillery pieces began bombarding German positions, often only 100 metres in front of the tunnels. Engineers exploded underground mines they had buried beneath No Man’s Land between the Canadian and German forces.

Two minutes later, as the next artillery barrage landed a further 100 meters up the ridge, thousands of Canadians poured from the tunnels and began overrunning one set of German targets. Then another. And another.

  • LairdKintyre

    Truly a Breed of Manly Men. Given especially the current state of Canada, it’s unlikely we shall ever see their likes again. We are all diminished by the loss. God Bless Canada. God Save Our Queen.

    • Canada truly became a nation that could stand on its own two feet during the Second World War when we decided to declare war against Germany, despite that coward King.

  • Ontario John

    I can’t believe what an idiot the French president is. His speech talked about how wonderful western societies are for letting in muslim refugees. And of course he mentioned global warming and Canada’s efforts to fight it. Then we had our little Justin there, who looked like a little boy lost at the mall.

    • LairdKintyre

      I’m not sorry I missed it if that’s the case. What do Muslim refugees got to do with this? These fools miss no opportunity to virtue signal.

    • LairdKintyre

      Always nice to see a spoiled brat whose daddy was partying in Montreal when so many of Canada’s best were dying on the battlefields of Europe daring to show his face at an event commentating our Glorious Fallen.

  • canminuteman

    I’ve been there, Unfortunately (for me anyway) the whole thing was under scaffolding and tarps because it was being restored.

  • Canadian Born

    The people that should have attended this, was the ancestors of the men that fought this war. Most probably couldn’t have gone because of the expense. Funny taxpayers didn’t have the option to pay for these people to go, yet Junior went on the taxpayers dime and everyone he decided to take. Funny taxpayers were not asked, to vote on who they thought should go. My vote would go to the ancestors of these brave men who lost their lives in this war.

  • DD_Austin

    the high price we paid
    The price “we” paid is zero

    The country that took vimy died in 1965

    The country that succeeded to it’s name has accomplished nothing
    except taking credit things it never did and plagiarizing old national songs.

    I for one am glad at least we don’t fly the ensign anymore
    that about the only thing we have not befouled

    • LairdKintyre

      The newcomers have no affinity with those heroes. For we Old Stock Canadians the Brave Blood spilled in the fight for this great Nation still flows in our veins. God Bless Canada. God Save the Queen.