The decline of history at schools is furthering the SJW madness

The ongoing saga of University of Toronto Professor Jordan Peterson’s opposition to calling students by gender neutral pronouns should never have become much of a story in the first place.

But the social justice brigade couldn’t help themselves and took a hard run at him, ensuring thanks to the attention their hysterics drew that a star was born in a lone academic taking a firm stand against political correctness.

The latest chapter is that Peterson’s been denied a grant that funds his research interests. The reason is unknown but the timing is suspicious, given that he’s currently public enemy No. 1 for squishy progressives in the Canadian academy.

  • jt

    I can see it now 2050 Canada was founded by blacks.

  • Spatchcocked

    Sorry…..the Muslims discovered N America …..this is historical fact. You can read about it if you want proof.

    • Gary

      Oh yes. And muhammad was a real person because it’s in the qruan .

    • A Hamilton Guy

      Obama said so.

  • Waffle

    Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it (Santayana).

  • Tooth&Claw

    The good news,The Rebel launched a crowdfunding
    campaign to support Professor Jordan Peterson. Peterson is the
    University of Toronto professor who famously fights for free speech
    and academic freedom. For the first time in his career, his grant
    application to continue his academic research was rejected. So Ezra
    spoke with the professor and decided we’d try to raise his research
    funding for him. We hit the $73,000 goal in under 24 hours, so we’ve
    extended the goal to fund Prof. Peterson’s SECOND year of research!

  • Eric Huff

    I’m glad Dr. Peterson is getting funding. But working with Rebel Media makes it look like freedom of speech is a conservative issue. It isn’t and it affects everyone including the SJWs. They just don’t know yet.