Rental ads only for “racialized” people

On March 15, 2017, Now Toronto posted an article entitled “Rental housing squeeze leaving racialized renters out in the cold in the GTA” and authored by Shantal Otchere, who introduces herself as an “Online Producer at NOW Magazine.”

Analyzing the rental housing market in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Otchere claims that “Toronto’s housing bubble has created a landlord’s market, to the disadvantage in particular of Black renters.”

  • Millie_Woods

    Black and radicalized. A landlord’s dream tenent.

  • Ottawa Eyes

    I wonder if Wynne will bring back “employment equity” and add housing equity so that all things considered it must go to the “historically disadvantaged” first whether they have the income to pay the rent or not.

    Toronto Community Housing Corporation as an unstated policy already takes refugees and immigrants first before Canadians for government subsidized housing.

  • simus1

    “The housing bubble has created a landlord’s market ………”

  • Watchman

    I’m just waiting for the local Mercedes-Benz dealer to offer the equivalent, to address problems in the car sales market to the disadvantage in particular of poor people who can’t afford a Mercedes.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Only heavily armed insane 28 year old male hyper radical Muslim ‘children’ please.

  • Blacksmith

    Maybe if they paid their rent and didn’t’ trash the place they would be welcomed as renter…. just sayin…..