Merkel Passes Bill Threatening Multi-Million Dollar Fines for “Hate Speech” Against Her

Let’s just be real blunt about what we think this bill is truly all about.

Angela Merkel has re-election coming up soon.

  • UCSPanther

    Nothing is more pathetic than a washed up Stasi operative…

    • Mark Matis

      Not really. She’ll still do an excellent job through her “Law Enforcement” if you dare to cross her. The German police will do WHATEVER she tells them, as long as that paycheck keeps comin’ in.

      The stench is overwhelming.

    • Martin B

      If Germans don’t hang her or at least throw her out of office, then they’re more pathetic than she is.

      • terrence22

        Don’t forget what Uncle Joe (Stalin) said – it does not matter how anyone votes; what matters is who counts the votes.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    Merkel will look good on a lamp post someday.

  • El Martyachi
    • J. C.


    • DavidinNorthBurnaby


    • Alain

      Ah how I love those colourful Italian expressions and so accurate.

    • Editor

      Well, he’s not wrong. Hardly fake and not even news.

  • Rasputin’s rosary

    No dissing der Diktator.

  • Hard Little Machine
  • Tooth&Claw

    So then, post facts. Then post your opinion on those facts.
    Do it again and again and again. Until you decide that social network sites are not for you, they’re for them and start talking to each other again.

  • Editor

    Banana republic dictator behavior. What’s next Furher Merkel, one way helicopter rides?

    • All because she is embarrassed.

      • Editor

        Some people will go down in history for having pushed the social pendulum slowly back to the right through their pragmatic, truthful and logical words and actions, people like President Trump, Andrew Breitbart, Matt Drudge, Ben Shapiro, Rush Limbaugh, Jordan Peterson, etc. Some will be remembered for pushing that pendulum through their shrill leftist lunacy. Big Red, Anita Sarkeesian, Melissa Click and pretty much all of western academia, Hillary Clinton, every CNN anchor and especially Angela Merkel.

        • She is walking right into the traps she once sought to avoid.

          She can own this failure.

  • Bubba2 Butane

    Time for Vlad the former boss of the KGB to terminate this rogue former agent of the STASI. True Communism is over except for North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, All of Europe west of Hungry and Poland (LePen needs a miracle to change France), Britain, the state of California, NYC, and all of Kandastan excluding Saskatchewan under Brad Wall…on second thought the Marxist virus is spreading. .Diversity is our death.