Facing up to the real reason the West colludes with terrorists

From Douglas Murray at Gatestone:

In the middle of the week, at a memorial service in Westminster Abbey, the Very Reverend John Hall, Dean of Westminster, said that the UK was “bewildered” after the terrorist attacks of a fortnight earlier. He went on in his sermon to ask:

“What could possibly motivate a man to hire a car and take it from Birmingham to Brighton to London, and then drive it fast at people he had never met, couldn’t possibly know, against whom he had no personal grudge, no reason to hate them and then run at the gates of the Palace of Westminster to cause another death? It seems likely that we shall never know.”

If it is true that our societies are “bewildered”, as the Dean says, might it be because we have not heard a wide-enough range of possible explanations for such outrages — because we have deliberately cut ourselves off, by choice,- from the warnings of ex-Muslims such as Hirsi Ali? Amid the “narratives” that are acceptable and to be tolerated, perhaps we have failed to listen to the explanations that outline the sheer scale of the religious and societal problem now in front of us? More.

Reality check: Progressivism is now entirely out of control because it was a complete failure from start to finish. Progressives, having nothing else to live for, will die and let the rest of us die rather than admit it and slink into oblivion.

It is not Islam we need to confront; it is the pols. ‘crats, and profbots who led us to the point where a person who refuses to observe honestly what we all know (Islamists murder in response to their belief system) could even be giving a funeral oration at Westminster Abbey.

But where does one begin to follow up in the face of so much dereliction and corruption?

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