“Emergency” Anti-War Protests Hit Across America – “Hands Off Syria”

“Emergency” protests were held Friday in at least a dozen US cities. They were largely organized on social media by the Act Now to Stop War and End Racism (ANSWER) Coalition, which called the US assertion that the Syrian government carried out attacks on its own people “unsubstantiated” and demanded an independent investigation.

  • Spatchcocked

    I remember the cruise missile they aimed at Gaddafi……missed his breakfast table by 35 feet……wonderful marksmanship…
    It certainly changed Gaddafi….he was our bitch thereafter.

  • Gary

    So Obama can go to war and kill civilians with drones…. but a White President can’t because Whites are held to a high moral bar.

  • Alain

    While I still think the air strikes in Syria was a bad choice, I really have no patience for the “anti-war” crowd, who communist puppets whether they realise it or not. There needs to be a serious investigation as to who is funding and organising this crap. I am sure that Soros will be one found and likely others.

    • canminuteman

      The anti war crown have never been anti war, they were just rooting for the other side.

      It infuriates me when people think the Vietnam war ended when the Americans pulled out. It ended when the communists won.

  • BillyHW

    Why don’t I ever see “Socialist Workers” ever working?

    • Literally Hitler

      You mean Social Justice Wankers?

  • Millie_Woods

    O.M.G.! I find myself in the same camp as those numbskulls?

    Swear to God, this is the only thing that we agree on.

    • Clink9

      We’ll never remind you of it. Promise.

  • jt

    You have to love the crazy left they say nothing about what Syria did.

    • tom_billesley

      Sometimes the wisest thing is to say nothing and do nothing.
      The easiest way to do nothing is to leave it up to the UN Security Council.

  • robins111

    Is it just me, or do those protest signs look suspiciously, professionally made.

    • tom_billesley

      Paid protestors bussed in can’t be expected to make their own.

  • tom_billesley

    Soon, we won’t have armies capable of waging war even when allowed.

    British Army launches probe into whether brutal military training is leaving thousands of female soldiers infertile.
    They’ll have to cut back on the rigorous training, and of course the same will have to be done for the men for the sake of equality perception.

    • canminuteman

      At least if it made them infertile they can’t get pregnant as soon as the shooting starts.

  • barryjr

    OK please explain it to me. I completely understand the world’s revulsion at Assad’s evil use of gas on innocents and the need for something to be done. However by doing so in the way the US did so they were aiding the same Islamic terrorists that the present administration claims are the biggest threat in the world. Why the hell did Trump choose to get involved in Syria where anything he does will go against either his stated positions or basic human decency? So far this action is the biggest policy screw up by Trump and the only thing stopping the media from correctly pointing it out is they don’t want to be slammed with the anti humanitarianism brush.

    • jt

      My bigger issue right now is these groups seems to have some connection to radical muslim groups.

    • canminuteman

      That is a pretty accurate assessment.

  • irishrus

    how do commies find printers on weekends… I hope they get paid up front

  • Hard Little Machine

    Do they imagine that it would force more ‘refugees’ into this country. Because if we play our cards right, we can watch them exterminate themselves to the last man standing. And then kill that guy.

  • robins111
  • bargogx1
    • Norman_In_New_York

      Let it be said that Trump during his campaign favored creating safe zones in Syria for civilians as preferable to the tide of refugees that has followed from Assad’s atrocities.

  • bargogx1