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Andrew Coyne: No evidence that ‘Canada works’ in new internal free trade deal

They all spoke, of course, every last one of them, some representing jurisdictions with fewer people than your average federal riding, the Minister of Economic Development and Lottery Tickets from this province and the Minister of Small Business and Tapwater from that territory, making doe eyes at each other and praising each other’s “leadership” through the 21 arduous rounds of negotiations that had led to this “momentous” and “historic” day until someone said this showed that “Canada works,” which was when I lost it.

This guy’s mugshot is downright terrifying

An Ohio man was arrested for charging at his son with a hatchet — and his bizarre mugshot is downright terrifying.

Noel Dawson Jr., 63, is pictured with a maniacal, twisted grin and a greasy, grey/blond mullet that falls past his shoulders.

His eyebrows are contorted into stiff, 90 degree peaks giving his blue crazy eyes a particularly sinister, cock-eyed look.

It’s obvious the writer has never been to West By God Virginia.

Activist from Al Sharpton’s Group Calls Arab Store Owners ‘Rapists’ Who Should Leave the Country

The controversy began when James Johnson, president of the Charleston, South Carolina chapter of National Action Network, held a March 29 news conference responding to video footage that shows local store employees beating a man they said tried to steal from their store.

“In a 10-mile radius, we have 34 Arab or foreign stores within our community,” Johnson said. “We’re not going to allow them to rape our community anymore. …They need to go back to their country, where their laws are different from our laws.”

‘Maniacs can’t be stopped’; Sweden truck attack suspect on police’s radar before

The suspect in Stockholm’s deadly beer truck attack is a 39-year-old native of Uzbekistan who had been on authorities’ radar previously, Swedish officials said Saturday. The prime minister urged citizens to “get through this” and strolled through the streets of the capital to chat with residents.

Swedes flew flags at half-staff Saturday to commemorate the four people killed and 15 wounded when the hijacked truck plowed into a crowd of shoppers Friday afternoon in Stockholm. Prime Minister Stefan Lofven declared Monday a national day of mourning, with a minute of silence at noon.

Italy: Mosque frequented by Muslims who plotted jihad massacre ordered to shut down

A Mestre mosque frequented by three Kosovars allegedly planning to bomb Venice’s Rialto Bridge has been given three days to close, sources said Friday.

The order was handed to the Bangladeshi clerics who run the mosque, informing them that its activity did not comply with its official use.

The Kosovar jihadists, who lived in central Venice, were arrested last month after a probe in which they were taped allegedly saying it would be easy to find paradise by bombing Venice “because of all the Christians here”.

Alberta is importing Ontario’s electricity mess

A recent Postmedia story discussed how some churches in Ontario are inundated with requests for help – not for food or clothing – but money to help people pay their electricity bills.

Last October, columnist Anthony Furey highlighted several, genuine tales of woe involving Ontario ratepayers, and their skyrocketing electricity bills. For instance, Furey described how a grocery store in Echo Bay, Ontario, had to close its deli and bakery section due to high electricity bills.

With so many negative news stories about electricity reform in Ontario, the question is – why is Alberta’s NDP government copying many of Ontario’s failed electricity policies?

Amid complaints, Loyola to let students bypass Western civilization classes for ‘diversity courses’

“It largely came about as a result of paying attention to what our students were asking for in the fall of 2015,” Manning told the student newspaper. “Students in a series of protests had indicated that they wanted more diversity in the university core. In particular, they made the argument that the university core was pretty eurocentric.”

Poland blasts EU for migrant crisis quotas: ‘We will resist blackmail and pressure’

Poland is doing the right thing. Europe is importing jihad. Immigration jihad, or Hijrah, is the migration or journey of Muhammad and his followers from Mecca to Yathrib, later renamed by him to Medina, in the year 622 CE. It was after the Hijrah that Muhammad for the first time became not just a preacher of religious ideas, but a political and military leader. That was what occasioned his new “revelations” exhorting his followers to commit violence against unbelievers. Significantly, the Islamic calendar counts the Hijrah, not Muhammad’s birth or the occasion of his first “revelation,” as the beginning of Islam, implying that Islam is not fully itself without a political and military component.

The Black Panthers just requested something ridiculous, and very racist

The New Black Panther Party want a lot of things, not the least of which is a war with white people and the heads of anyone who has shot a black man. But their latest demand has to be the most racist of all.

Instead of just standing outside of polling places, like some members did in 2008, and intimidating white voters, telling them, “You’re about to be ruled by the black man, cracker,” the Panthers are upping their game.

Now, they want their own “Blacks-only” parcel of land inside the United States. According to reports, “the Defense Minister for the New Black Panther Party, Babu Omowale, is calling for a mass migration of black citizens to go to Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Alabama, and Georgia.”

14,000-year-old village discovered in Canada one of oldest settlements ever found in North America

An ancient village believed to be one of the oldest human settlements ever found in North America has been discovered during an excavation on a remote island in British Columbia.

The village, which is estimated to be 14,000 years old, has been found on a rocky spit on Triquet Island, about 500 kilometres northwest of Victoria, Canada.


  • ‘Citing security threats, Egyptian Parliament close to banning niqab’

  • “Firebrand Swiss imam” Hani Ramadan (Tariq’s brother) expelled from France.

  • jt

    A church was packed in Egypt as its Palm Sunday and a bomb went off Cnn is reporting atleast 21 dead.

  • tom_billesley

    Advertiser continuing to use picture of Westminster Bridge.
    A bit of a blunder.
    (It appeared under “You May Also Like” and above “Posted in …”)

  • tom_billesley

    Poland blasts EU …
    The Fourth Reich imposing migrants on Poland isn’t going to work.
    The Third Reich “Generalplan Ost”, among other things, was for ethnic Poles to be first used as slave labour and ultimately to be banished beyond the Urals with the rest of the Slavs, to be replaced by German settlers in a “Drang nach Osten”.

  • “The prime minister urged citizens to “get through this” and strolled through the streets of the capital to chat with residents” – wouldn’t it be funny if just then another nutty Muslim immigrant were to plow through the PM and his no doubt many bodyguards with a truck, shouting Ali Snackbar. What would the Swedes do if their PM was killed? Would they just “get through this” and mourn again for a day and put flowers on the bloody floor? At what point will they decide to expel the invaders and close their borders to further invasion?

  • “Now, the New Black Panthers want their own “Blacks-only” parcel of land inside the United States.” – well, it sounds to me like the “two-state solution” meme, that so many Americans, led by the MSM and the evil Dems, have so cheerfully adopted as axiomatic for Israel. No surprise there. Just as truck and knife attacks started in Israel, and were copied elsewhere (after being viewed as legitimate “resistance” in much of the rest of the world) – so with this concept. We shall soon see it in Paris and other places with Muslim no-go zones. Why not soon in the US?

  • tom_billesley

    Environmental crime by British prison authorities
    Paedophile killers offered chemical castration……Why use chemicals?

  • Hard Little Machine

    The PLO complained to the UN its an illegally Jew occupied Muslim holy site

    • Millie_Woods

      Vimy Ridge?

  • Ontario John

    Feminist Trudeau is on a selfie tour at Vimy Ridge today. No word on whether he will wear his father’s famous German helmet. The media will follow him at Vimy worshiping the ground he walks on. I’m sure they won’t mention that his father hated the military, nor our little prince’s decision to put our troops at risk by sending them to islamic shit holes, so he can get a UN security seat. Or that he is risking the lives of our personnel by holding off any purchase of new military equipment till 2055. Perhaps he can talk about global warming and feminist issues at the services.

    • Millie_Woods

      Do you have a link for the 2055 procurement story?

  • Millie_Woods
  • Exile1981

    NDP and power those are not bugs they are features. They want to cripple the Alberta economy.

  • Editor

    Re : Maniacs cant . . . – “Prime Minister Stefan Lofven declared Monday a national day of mourning, with a minute of silence at noon.”

    Should we put a Swedish flag on our Twitter profile pic and say “Je suis Sweden” for a couple of days Prime Minister? That always makes a difference.

  • Waffle

    Re: “Canada Works”.

    What a freakin’ joke! It has taken the election of an idiot along with his unelected ideological driven advisors to painfully illustrate the fact that Canada is still a collection of colonies cobbled together 150 years ago by elites to maintain the power of those elites;