Chicago To Require College Acceptance To Get a High School Diploma

One out of four children enrolled in Chicago Public Schools does not graduate, and for some unknown reason, the city is trying to make it even harder to get a diploma. Starting in the next academic year, incoming freshmen will have to show that they have been accepted to a college, community college, trade school, apprenticeship, or branch of the military in honor to receive a diploma. This change was proposed by Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Underneath all seeming political idiocy is a petty scam that enriches someone in, or connected to, government.
    There is some angle being played here.
    Community college acceptance is pretty much automatic in the US.
    You would have to be actually illiterate, and unwilling to learn how to read, in order to be officially rejected by a community college.
    Even then, rejection might not be automatic.

    • DM

      It is a two pronged attack on the poor and welfare recipients. The thugs and never wanted to work are even further discouraged from any attempts to earn an honest living. Those who want to work right out of high school and need the diploma to gain employment are relegated to no job prospects. Win win for the govt and the welfare system. Total loss for the lower income tax paying public.

  • Clausewitz

    Because government intervention in everything in our lives always helps everyone. Not.

  • huron

    They dont even kill people before they bury them

  • UCSPanther

    Rahm should be running a prison license plate stamping press, not a city…

  • Tom Forsythe

    It is like putting kids on the basketball team, thinking it will make them taller.

    • Watchman

      Wait, wait, are you trying to tell me that African-Americans don’t join basketball teams to grow taller?
      [Checks my translations of Trofim Lysenko’s works to see if there is more information on your revelations.]
      But, but, Rachel Dolezal!

  • Felix_Culpa

    And you simply want to get a job, then no diploma for you. Suspect a demographic thing: fewer babies = fewer students = fewer jobs for teachers. So they have to make sure to keep existing young people in the education system as loooooong as possible. Students are there to keep the teachers employed, not for any benefit to the students.

  • HalcyonDaze

    How the hell are all the illegal’s and their children in Rham’s “sanctuary city” going to get high school diploma’s with a policy like this? I don’t think these Democrat scions of peace, love and understanding thought this one through. LOL