Wynne reaches out to U.S. governors to win allies on free trade

Her outreach comes as New York state legislators continue a protracted debate over their state budget and Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s related New York Buy American Act, which would require all state entities to buy from American companies for all procurements greater than US$100,000.

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  • Gary

    Just this week I heard pull out the Autism promise for support because it worked for McGuinty when he lied and then Wynne used it for the 2nd time. Now she’s trying again but all those infants McLiar promised to help will be voters soon and Justin won’t get their votes in 2019 because his his liar cousin in Ontario.

    Wynne’s stuck with a huge deficit pre-election to buy the Public Unions and teachers that total 1,300,000 adult voters. The reason they are protesting the hydro rates is because they know that Wynne will increase their pay via the COLA in the next Contract, this ruse will be done so Wynne can claim they did get get a big pay raise in the contract but the COLA IS a raise by any other name .

    Ontario is so far in debt that Liberals don’t care and will drive it even higher to stay in power . To them it’s just numbers on paper and not really money because the problem will be for those suckers in the future one day after these parasite steal their bags of money and hide it off shore like Paul martin did.

    Remember the ‘ panama papers ‘ ??? Justin promised to crack down on people like Paul Martin that didn’t pay their fair share of taxes in canada.
    Paul martin laughed when he Justin say that because you had to hide your money to be a Liberal MP and fool the ignorant peons that you feel their pain and have to budget just like them .

  • Ammy

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  • Gary

    It’s not Trump’s job to get Wynne re-elected.