Vortex\Hornady Bullet-Cam

This might be an April’s Fool joke. 😉

  • simus1

    $10 each in pack of ten seems really good but I bet the extra processing needed to “de-rotate” the video costs plenty.

    • Good point.

    • Blacksmith

      Not at all, the core is free spinning and gyroscopic ally stabilized…….

  • pat riot

    Really? April fools joke? but, but…..it was published on the 7th!!
    AND, I found out just where Vortex has them stored!! (bet this is the same warehouse Indiana Jones stashed ” The Ark of the Covenant”.) Conservatives sure are Dumb to NOT know this is “Real”.


  • Brett_McS

    Today’s April Fool’s Joke, tomorrow’s “must have” technology.

    • Sophia

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  • Maggat

    Great for snipers.

  • Gary

    There is a Military bullet with a moving head and mini computer inside that help the bullet go around a corner to hit someone IF you have an aerial support mark the spot . The head has small fins like the Vietnam era M79 grenade gun but instead of being angled to spin the grenade the and set off the trigger….these keep it stable and head can move to steer it .

    Cool , you get to see Ahmed’s face right before he gets his 72 virgins.
    Funniest home videos 1st prize

  • Shebel

    I think that I will stick with my .22 semi automatic Marlin
    And my Lever action 30-30– Winchester
    If they don’t do the the job— it is because I am already dead.

    • Maggat

      Ya, and toss in a Remington 870 just to be sure.