Teachers should include ‘disclaimer’ allowing Ebonics in class, language researcher says

University of Wisconsin-Madison student Erika Gallagher thinks that helping students learn proper English is racist.

She’s drawing a national reputation for her research on “code switching,” a practice in which people who grew up using a minority vernacular like Ebonics “change their regular speech tendencies” to sound like the majority.

  • Brett_McS

    And not just substitute teachers from the projects, either.


    • k1962

      I LOVE mr. Garvy!

  • LairdKintyre

    Just learn proper English and know it, use it when you need too. With your friends in casual settings talk however you like. What’s the problem? Oh right. I forgot. The SJWs

    • Clausewitz

      While at work teaching, my language is very formal and precise. If the students can not understand a certain word used I ask for them to put up their hand and ask. This is how we build literacy and vocabulary. This is how we learn. People will judge you by your speech patterns. If the SJW’s can not deal with that, then fuck em. 😉

  • Ed

    The whole conception of “teacher” is “knowledgeist.”

    Fire them all!!!

  • BillyHW

    If I wanted to keep black people down I would do exactly what the race hustlers do.

  • Why not just teach them to grunt?

    Let all the students do that. I rarely hear any enunciated sensible eloquence from millennials. Why expect it now?

  • tom_billesley