Stop Bill 89: Tell Kathleen Wynne to leave our kids alone!

There’s a new bill in Ontario, one that threatens our children.

Bill 89 codifies the Liberal government’s belief that children belong to the state, not their parents.

If passed, Bill 89 will repeal and replace the existing Child and Family Services Act. That Act governs everything from child protection services and foster care to adoption.

However, rather than promoting child welfare as it purports to do, Bill 89 is a totalitarian bill. It will provide the state with the powers to seize children from their families for the sake of gender ideology, possibly even preventing religious parents from ever adopting or becoming foster parents.

  • Felicia Scott

    Exactly the same kind of bill is being proposed in lib-sick Vermont. It is referred to as H230:
    It passed through the libtard majority House and is on its way to the libtard majority senate. Most Vermonters don’t even know it’s there! We can only hope our RINO governor will veto it and the public uprising (if we can get one started past the media obstructionists) will nullify any attempt at a veto override.

  • JoKeR
  • Blacksmith

    The leftist governments would love to destroy the family, they have been working on it for decades.

  • Gary

    This will pave the way for legalized pedophilia because CAMH had petitioned the Liberals to make it a mental Illness disability from birth for Charter Protection as minority group by their sexual preference.

  • Ontario Liberal voters want this.

    Don’t forget to remind them how disgusting they are.

  • Ed

    Because the State does things so well. Ontario Hydro raising the kids.

    • Exile1981

      Or the OPP or the DMV

      • Clausewitz

        Next up Teacher’s Unions saying that they are co-parenting your kids. Oh wait, already been done, never mind.