Liberal Minister “fascinated by Sharia” urges public to help quash pro-life bus ads

It’s been awhile since Liberal Minister Maryam Monsef said anything stupid. Monsef is the 30 year old millennial who never had a real job before getting elected then appointed to cabinet based on her gender, not ability or experience.

Well, this week we learned Monsef wants you to complain about pro-life bus advertisements in her hometown of Peterborough, Ontario.

  • LairdKintyre

    I wonder how Monsef and Khalid, these two Progressive Muslim ladies would do if they visited their home countries? Would they take a stand believing the hijab was a choice for all? Or Would they submit to the men’s diktats who rule their religion. I’d love to see them try to exercise their feminist principles in Iran or Pakistan.

    • John Boy

      They don’t have visit their home countries when they are bringing their home countries to Canada.

  • marty_p

    I notice the kerfuffle over her dishonesty with regard to her immigration documents has been conveniently forgotten by the MSM.

    • Alain

      The same MSM that kept up the manufactured outrage for Duffy for months on end.

  • Gary

    Monsef’s homeland murders gays , why would she care about murdering babies.

  • Shebel

    Why is this surprising ?
    When you subscribe to a Death Cult —
    Pro- LIFE– is Blasphemy.

  • What does that lying b!#ch want now?

    • Tweety58

      You can’t be Catholic and vote for the Liberal Party.They preclude pro-life persons as candidates.

  • Dave

    1400 years of inbreeding mixed with taqyyia, add a dash of feminism and voila: Maryam Monsef.

  • Alain

    Here is someone who does not qualify for citizenship due to fraud, who should be stripped of Canadian citizenship and deported with her whole family and still occupies a seat in Parliament. Only the Liberals and NDP are capable of such a blatant disregard for laws and the Canadian people.