‘Have I made mistakes? Certainly’: Caitlyn Jenner admits regrets in new Diane Sawyer interview… after admitting the Kardashians have frozen her out

It’s been almost two years since the bombshell Diane Sawyer interview where Bruce Jenner admitted he was transitioning to become a woman.

Now ABC has released the first teaser for the network’s follow-up interview with Caitlyn Jenner on April 21, just three days before the release of her tell-all book The Secrets Of My Life.

  • Dana Garcia

    A human too weird for the Kardashians? That’s gotta be a bitch.

  • HalcyonDaze

    I just wish this “celebrity” would just go the fek away. He/she or whatever is looking for sympathy again but, given the fact that “he” misrepresented himself when he married, lived with and bore children by his recently divorced wife means he’s a deceptive asshole who has no regard for the feelings of other people. And yet, he can’t figure out why this dysfunctional family wants nothing to do with him.

    Go figure. LOL

  • barryjr

    Apparently even the Kardashians have limits.

  • Miss Trixie

    Now’s a good time as any to post Caitlyn’s 1976 Olympic Decathlon win.

    Atta girl!


  • Dave

    He, or at best “it” is NOT a HER! Effing ‘tards

  • Ed

    That’s some major nipple action!

  • Alain

    Such a fine example of internal rot: an interview with what used to be called a circus side show freak. Sorry but there is no fame or interest in these freaks.

  • Barrington Minge

    This bloke Jenner is a hoot. Let’s face it he only “transitioned” for the money and the “fame”. And now it’s coming back to bite him. Too funny for words.