Explosives found in truck used in Stockholm attack as police say arrested suspect is ‘likely’ hijacker

Some reports suggested he had previously posted jihadist propaganda on his Facebook page and had images of people injured in the explosion at the Boston marathon in April 2013.

Police found explosives in the truck used in the attack in Stockholm, Swedish television said on Saturday citing multiple unnamed police sources.

Stockholm attack: ‘Homemade bomb’ found in lorry used to kill at least four people in Sweden

A homemade bomb has reportedly been found in the lorry used to kill at least four people in Stockholm.

Police sources told public broadcaster SVT the device was found in a bag, and had not been detonated, adding that the attacker had “burned himself”.

  • tom_billesley

    What has neutral Sweden done to deserve this?”
    Swedes are kuffar, aren’t they? Andrew Neil being clueless.

    • Observer

      Until all Swedes convert to Islam you won’t have the sort of peace they have in majority-Islamic countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, etc.

      • Bless his heart

        You forget Somalia maybe? Such “peace” there in that Islamic nation.

      • That’s why it is called the Religion of Piss.

  • ontario john

    Meanwhile the Swedish prime minister has issued a statement, that the “Incident” will not change their open door policy towards welcoming refugees. He must be a friend of little Justin.

    • Bless his heart

      That person wants more killings by Muslims of kafir Swedes in Sweden.
      The PM saying he/she wants peace is delusional of the PM.

    • See – already capitulating.

  • Brett_McS

    What has Sweden done to deserve this?
    Never in mid-east war. Bzzzt
    Non-NATO. Bzzzzt
    Most welcoming of Muslim refugees. BINGO!!!!

    • marty_p

      You mean it wasn’t because the bomber was upset that he couldn’t assemble his Ikea dresser?

  • tom_billesley

    Was it another hydrogen peroxide and chapatti flour bomb?

  • Bless his heart

    Most welcoming of Muslim “refugees” makes Sweden deserve this.

    Muslims are the enemy of humanity.
    They are slavers. All Muslim women are property.
    Muslims follow Sharia Law.
    This attack follows Sharia Law.

    The Muslims are on a hijrah emigration jihad to conquer Sweden.

  • Editor

    “What has neutral Sweden done to deserve this?”


    • FactsWillOut

      Just like Canada has.

  • moraywatson

    What has Sweden done? Well, for one, it has proven beyond a doubt that appeasing the enemy may get you a virtue-signalling participation trophy, but it doesn’t bring you peace.

  • Shiraz

    It’s gonna take another “Bosnia on the bay” to straighten this out. Welcoming invaders – excuse me, refugees – most of whom are young single men had them all feeling warm and fuzzy for a short while. Reality is settling in now….

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    What have I done to deserve this?

  • Moronic MSM are still trying on the “motive is unknown” line. The perp is a Muslim, with Isis sympathies, known to the Swedish authorities, but this has nothing to do with Islam. Surely, a people so stupid as to invite 1.7 million Muslims into an under 10 million population was asking for trouble. Even now, the leftist elite won’t admit its mortal errors.

  • canminuteman

    Andrew Neil is to stupid to live.

  • Gary

    This will be coming to Canada because the quran is unchanged and the devout muslims are unhinged .
    We have already seen the muslim terrorism and failed plots. Liberals will keep denying it and call people islamophobes for opposing the Jihad slaughters to impose sharia and make Canada an islamic State.