Alleged hate crime, arson under investigation in east Charlotte

Police in east Charlotte are actively searching for a man accused of lighting an arson fire and leaving behind a disturbing note.

Investigators tell NBC Charlotte the incident is being investigated as a hate crime. The letter threatened to torture the refugee business owner of Central Market on Albemarle Road.

Police say the letter was signed “White America,” but the suspect is a black man.

  • tom_billesley

    It reads as if the “black” suspect had a Pakistani draft it for him.

    • mobuyus

      I was going to say it reads like a third worlder wrote it.

      • tom_billesley

        We’re both right.

      • Gary

        Based on my early 1970’s Type-setting Course , we had to learn the use for Upper-case and Lower-case when a Noun was relevant to a story . The use for a proper name also was Upper-case.
        I would have composed this with the upper-case for State, President and Nation . At the start of the letter I would use ‘The’ and not ‘Our ‘ .
        Note how they put Indians and Muslims together but then treat Immigrants like a group of unwashed persons not wanted. This type of sloppy composition appears on Blogs and YouTube as well , it’s when a Muslim or Arab wants to hide who they are as to spew hate knowing it will be blamed on another group of people.

        Twitter is popular because the School system has dumb-down the youth to where they no longer think for them self and have a short attention that suits the 140 Keystroke limit to convey their DEEP thoughts.

        My prediction for the next Generation will be a replacement for the time consuming Twitter posts from the Texting words with more than two Syllables …..will be the new PING social media .
        This PING system uses animated Icons where you pick a Noise that suits your mood. Choices will be a Grunt , Eeek , Ah , Doh , eer, huh and so on which will help the youth interface with the Zoo’s Chimps or Koko the Gorilla .

        Robots will harvest the Farm foods and build what we need. Solar powered jackets will be a charger for the iPhones while your body heat powers the Nano-bot tattoo of a touch-screen on your forearm to replace the iPad.

        One among many .

    • Blacksmith

      I was thinking the same thing, I didn’t get past the first paragraph, what a bunch of illiterate drivel.

  • Tooth&Claw

    Stop and think. You come to country that welcomes legal immigrants from around the world. A country founded by old white men. A country people clamour to get into, to the point of trying to do so illegally, and even losing their lives to do so. They provide services, give amnesty, and generally are decent about it, regardless of the illegality of your immigration. If your child is born in America, he’s an American citizen.
    And you think white men as a collective are racist and want to kill you. If that’s the truth, why the frick did you leave your country of origin?

    • mobuyus

      They left to steal rape and murder.

      • Tooth&Claw

        There is that.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      Free and easy welfare is why they come these days.
      “Gibsmedat” is the term I hear

      • Gary

        Back when we had the 1992 Yonge Street riot . It was because of razeism towards Blat Yoots.
        They had a high unemployment and assumed it from their colour and NOT having a low IQ parent that spread her legs for any low IQ pigs she dragged home to her Welfare Housing.

        Toronto has had 40 years of denial over the failed Immigration Policy for Multiculturalism when dealing with people from several Nations know for violence and poverty. We know what the problem is but aren’t allowed to talk about , so the Welfare ghettos grow and we seen new record highs for homicides by guns .

        John Tory now tries to make us feel good by pointed out that we’re not as bad as Chicago.
        Wow …so Chicago’s 500+ homicides a year is the yardstick for how safe Toronto is and how we don’t have the Black ghetto problems like the USA has.

  • Calling it a hoax.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    I hold the SPLC and the ADL responsible.

  • ntt1

    blacks want a race war as musch as charlie manson ever did, that is what black lives matter and the nation of islam are all about; bring street batttles to all north american cities.

    • K1

      Organized Crime come sin every race
      The Black Crime Gangs are there to keep the heat on the Police so the OTHER gangs get to sweep up in clandestine murder, fraud etc
      I think Black Lives Matter should come down HARD on the racism of BLACK GANG SELL OUT LEADERSHIP and the other multi-coloured individual gangs who make the BIG BUCKS ON THE BACKS OF LITTLE BLACK BOYS TO MEN!

      • ntt1

        Black lives is a terrorist organization that needs to be destroyed

  • Gary

    Let’s wait and see if it’s a muslim because this may be another case of Mental Illness and not hatred or racism.

    Innocent until proven non-muslim .

  • Felicia Scott

    This was written by a product of the black operated Chicago school system.