‘War on Cops’ author Heather Mac Donald shouted down at UCLA by hysterical Black Lives Matter protest

A speech by Heather Mac Donald at UCLA on Wednesday frequently descended into chaos as Black Lives Matter protesters stormed the stage and chanted their signature phrase over and over, and also took over portions of the Q&A with angry accusations and raucous shouting, a video of the event shows.

Event organizers tried to calm the crowd and regain order. After the Black Lives Matter chant ended, several protesters remained at the front of the room, shouting and making gestures as a student organizer asked for calm. But they started up with more chants, including: “America was never great!”

  • Hard Little Machine

    I really don’t understand why any person would waste their time attempting to speak to these people at these venues. It seems pointless. Either they let the monkeys out of their cages to jump around and shriek, or no one shows up and they gloat.

    • occupant 9

      The real issue as I see it is the lack of control and selective control exhibited by the authorities in providing a space the university was intended to be. There has been a massive abdication of responsibility.

      I wonder at the chances of a case of suing the universities etc for when they DO NOT or WILL NOT secure a forum for civilized discussion.

      • Hard Little Machine

        They will hind behind various legal fictions. After all ever since universities stopped allowing parents to view grades, they’ve assumed an in loco parentis role which gives them capricious rules over whatever they like.

  • bob e

    shut the welfare off & see how great America used to be ..

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    George Wallace was a prophet.

  • Dana Garcia

    If America was never great, then the BLMers should go back to Africa. And why doesn’t George Soros offer free tickets, since he likes social discord so much, spreading the BLM message would be a wonderful addition to the Dark Continent.

    • Ed

      They’re like teenagers who could talk your ear off about how shit mom and dad are, but who never quite get up the gumption to leave.

      In fact they are exactly like teenagers… not fully adult. A sign of adulthood is taking responsibility for your life.

  • Bernie

    These are the tactics employed by Goebbels in WWII to shut down free speech and deny debate / education of issues. BLM dissenters that do not allow others to speak their minds are the real Racists.

  • Alain

    It is imperative to establish universities that uphold and respect freedom of thought, free speech and promote critical thinking skills. Then leave the rest to the leftist scum, since everything the Left, like Islam, touches turns to shit.

  • bargogx1

    Slogans, talking points, and intimidation are all they’ve got.