Profs: “How dare you work on whites?” Digger deeper into the story may tell us something worth knowing

The link, noted by Nightmouse earlier, from the Washington Post. leads to an interview by Jeff Guo with two Ivy League profs who study mortality rates, who were attacked for focusing on the increase in white working class mortality rates in particular (as opposed to black or Hispanic ones).

In the real world of useful information, Anne Case and Angus Deaton’s research follows on and supplements the findings of Charles Murray in Coming Apart. But Murray is an Incorrect Person, driven from campuses. That is the fate many profs now risk, absent a revolution against the current degree mills that were once universities.

Let’s learn what we can for our own good in the meantime, apart from them. The whole interview is worth reading but let me focus on three items:

Case: White Americans had just flatlined where the European countries continued to make progress, and where other groups in this country — African Americans and Hispanics — continued to make progress. So what the heck is going on here? We weren’t making progress anymore. That, to us seemed like the bigger story.

What’s going on, it develops, is that a culture that prided itself on work (the working class) is now increasingly unemployed and on drugs. The very thing that happened decades ago to inner city African Americans is happening to that culture. But it’s hard to make a racial grievance shakedown out of Whitey Central, so the shakedown must be about the fact that Whitey Central was even studied.

The profs don’t think that bringing back jobs from China is worth much discussion but they do favour sending the working class to university:

[Deaton] There are longer-term things, like people talk about training programs, and that’s obviously good, though it’s not entirely clear how much that applies to people in their mid-50s.

Anne and I, I think, differ a little bit on how much education is a solution for this. But it’s certainly clear there are lots of people who are not getting BAs who are capable of it. So we need to do a much better jobs of getting these into school.

Pure Gated Community.

That would just mean adding the white working class to Orwell’s Outer Party, the thugs who police* on behalf of the permanent progressive Inner Party. What the WWC will mainly learn at university is identity, grievance, entitlement, and thought policing, such as Deaton and Case themselves experienced.

Think: Trigglypuff at 50.

Guo: Absolutely. That’s one point that I made a week ago when I wrote about this. It’s not just a lot of these death rates are rising, but that a huge chasm has now opened up between us and Europe.

Deaton: The obvious difference is that the safety net is enormously more generous in Europe. And lot of people in their 50s who lose their jobs can go on retirement. You get a doctor’s certificate and you get paid pretty much your salary until you die. More.

Which is why euthanasia is growing by leaps and bounds in Europe and why the EU shows so little interest in protecting their citizens against rapacious young migrants. If the EU needed those citizens to produce anything of value, it could hardly ignore the exploding sex crime problem.

The profs unwittingly highlight a problem we have often discussed: Government no longer needs people the way it used to and Western populations are old and high-maintenance anyway, compared to others on offer.

The question Brexit and Trump raise is, do we need government? Can we even afford it? Will we end up dying to give the Cocktail Circuit something to chatter about?

* Orwell, recall, thought in 1949 (1984) that the proles would be needed to work. In the age of automation, it is not clear how many proles the elite even needs, except to keep the Outer Party, who provide them with praise and loyalty, with something to boss around.

See also: Fishtown vs. Belmont: Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960–2010