Prof tries to keep anti-Trump course secret, fearing backlash

A new course at the University of California, Santa Cruz examines the rise of Donald Trump in the context of white supremacy, patriarchy, and Islamophobia.

The instructor, however, only agreed to speak with local reporters anonymously, saying he fears a backlash for teaching an anti-Trump course in the current political climate.

  • The Butterfly

    He’s going to win the Professor of the Year award, guaranteed.

  • Ed

    Lets do this. Professors can teach whatever they like, and taxpayers can choose which courses to support.

    • canminuteman

      Back in the old days the money for student loans came out of the professors pockets. That is the system we should return to.

      • Bernie

        If anyone wants to know why education has become so costly, simply look at what the Teachers in the Universities are charging / getting for their “Tenure”.

  • Dana Garcia

    What BS that the prof has to hide his anti-Trump class at UC Santa Cruz. Surely he’s saying that just to get attention.

    UCSC used to be very laid-back regarding politics, compared to Berkeley for example, but it’s still California. On the other hand, the slug mascot reflects a deep insouciance toward the outside world in general.

  • Clausewitz

    Does anyone really care what anyone in California has to say anymore? They seem to be nothing more than the US’s Quebec in their demands, and demeanor. Let them separate, they’d be annexed by Mexico in ten years.

    • Ed

      Mother Earth may be thinking about an actual separation.

  • Gary

    Just one problem…. the facts will show that a fair election got Trump in power while the evidence will show that Obama and Hillary exploit Blacks like ignorant peons to riot or get their votes bought with free stuff .

    • canminuteman

      They don’t need any evidence.