Obama and Rice focused on the enemy: Trump

Susan Rice finally remembered that she unmasked intercepted messages to show that Trump and his campaign and transition team had their conversations intercepted by our intelligence agencies.  Rice has not yet explained why she did this.  Her role as national security adviser was to advise on policy, not to act as an investigator.  Presumably, the intelligence agencies that intercepted the messages did not believe that it warranted unmasking the identity of Trump and his associates.  But Susan Rice did.  She is now trying to remember why she did it and what she did with the intercepts.

Why?  The answer is obvious to anyone using simple logic.  She did it because her boss, Obama, told her to do it.  Not even Rice is dumb enough to say she unmasked Trump to advise Obama on foreign policy.  But if she read the intercepts and unmasked Trump, then it is logical that she gave this information to Obama.  Otherwise, why do it?