Melting snowflakes work to ban free speech on college campuses

So, what happens to a society when it raises children to care more about their feelings than what they need to know about life? You create a generation of hyper-sensitive “snowflakes” who believe that sticks and stones may break their bones, but offensive words and dissenting opinions cause certain death. In college, these censorious crybabies have created safe-space zones on campuses across America where they are protected from hearing things that don’t agree with their politically correct attitudes about culture and so-called values—particularly when it pertains to LGBT issues.

  • The glass bottom is going to fall out very soon.

    What will happen to these Peter Pans then?

    • Sophia

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  • Tooth&Claw
  • Bless his heart

    Their minds have no borders, no real language anymore (It is ProgSpeak now), and no culture remains. They have neutered themselves mentally to follow the globalist war to repace the American people with those who will blindly follow the new ways. They do not see that the new way results in their death soon.